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Social sector is an important sector for India’s economy and includes several important components such as education, health and medical care, water supply and sanitation, poverty alleviation, housing conditions etc. that play a vital contribution in human development. Social sector may also refer to the value system of an economy which fosters values such as philanthropy, social business, social entrepreneurship etc.The elements of liberalization and economic reforms have played a key role in the areas of social infrastructure and development. Important aspects of human development are now governed within economic sphere where market and private philanthropy play a vital role.

India’s GDP is estimated to be USD 2.1 trillion in 2014-15 with close to 1.68% of GDP this year. Taking a conservative estimate considering 1.68% of GDP, market for the social sector in India could be no less than 35-40 billion USD.

How do we practise our innovative approach:

At 3EA, our social sector advisory services team works in the areas of policy development, restructuring, organizational development, service delivery improvement, human resource management, feasibility studies, programme management and PPPs. Our experience includes working with several governments (national and state) departments, international financial institutions, donor agencies as well as private players.

Our team comprises qualified professionals and associates from different streams ranging from social studies, economics, finance, public policy, business administration to IT and understanding of best practices in this domain.

India has shown progress on key social parameters. For example, in education, India has achieved 100% enrolment of children at the primary level. Similarly, in health, infant mortality rates declined from 64.9 for every 1,000 births in 2000 to 46.1 in 2012. Maternal mortality rates too have dropped significantly during this time. Given the magnitude of challenges in the social sectors, the state cannot address these issues all alone. 3EA’s strategic works with such private sector, public sector (government bodies) and has assisted multiple social sector organizations in improving their focus, delivery and impact creation abilities. 3EA supports various organizations like foundations, trusts, NGOs in:

  • Portfolio management:
    Assessment of current portfolio to identify initiatives for scale-up and redefine focus.
  • Designing and planning:
    Designing specific interventions, defining and tracking performance indicators and detailed operational planning.
  • Capability development:
    Organizations restructuring, roles, responsibilities, training and performance management
  • Implementation support:
    Identifying projects, designing pilots, partner identification.

3EA combines the best of the social sector expertise and time-tested tools, data-driven analysis and methodologies with a deep understanding of the social and public sectors to create and implement tailored strategies for our client.