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Changing Lives Through Education

One of our team member has taken a step towards the initiative of education. She has started it by teaching two children Khushboo (11) and Anurag (7). They were not able to read and write in English. Our team member took the initiative by convincing their parents to give them coaching. She teaches them for 2 hours in a week.

(Our team member Urbi with Khushboo and Anurag)

Our team member Urbi says, "The purpose of this activity for me was not only to be happy but also to be useful & compassionate. The fact that I could change someone's life even in the smallest way possible, brought contentment & added value to my life. I am happy that now children and read and write in English. I also told them stories which they found fascinating."

The beneficiaries and their parents were very happy and excited when they got to learn about our initiative. Initially, Khushboo could not read in English but now she has not only started reading but can also write sentences. She has learnt to recite poems as well. Anurag could not write English alphabets before but now he has learnt to write properly and can also spell words. Their mother is elated to see the progress in her children & is sure that within another month, Anurag will be able to start framing sentences on his own. They were happy & satisfied as the books & stationery were also provided by our team member. We at 3EA will continue to make such efforts to give back to the society.

Team Member: Urbi Ghosh

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