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Women Empowerment Through Education

One of our team member has taken a step towards the initiative of education. She has started it by teaching a girl named Sana (7). Sana lives in Lucknow with her family. Her father fulfils his family need by working as a daily wage labour in Lucknow. They do not have a house to live and live in slum houses. Sana does not go to school due to lack of funds. Our team member took the initiative by convincing her parents to give her coaching. She teaches her for 15 to 20 minutes per day.

(Our team member Sushmita with Sana and her family)

Our team member Sushmita says, "I feel satisfied as I was able to make some difference to the girl's life. I felt even more satisfied and happy when I learnt that the girl is helping other children too in their studies."

The beneficiary and her parents were very happy and excited when they got to learn about our initiative. Parents are happy that their daughter is getting education. They said that now she is able to read and write. We at 3EA will continue to make such efforts to give back to the society.

Team Member: Sushmita Rai

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