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Endeavours Can Be Shared With The Society

One of our team member has taken a step towards the initiative of education. He has started it by teaching a child named Siddhant (7). Siddhant's father fulfils his family need by running a small shop in Lucknow and his mother is a housewife. Siddhant is studying at a government school. With lack of proper education at a government school, Siddhant is lacking behind the children of his age. Our team member took the initiative to give him coaching after school. He taught him for 6 hours in December, 2017.

(Our team member Rajeev with Siddhant)

Our team member Rajeev says, "Education is one of the most prized possessions and every child has a right to it. I wanted to contribute in my own small way and hence I volunteered for this. I feel very good with whatever I am doing. I wanted to use my free time in the best possible manner so I prefer doing this which I love the most. I had observed that though these children were going to schools, their learning levels were low. I knew that regular coaching would help them. Some of these children are quite sharp so I am helping them and solving all those problems which they are facing in their daily life."

The beneficiary and his parents were very happy and excited when they got to learn about our initiative. They said that they can rely on our team member for any problem. We at 3EA will continue to make such efforts to give back to the society.

Team Member: Rajeev Pandey

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