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Initiative Towards Education

One of our team member has taken a step towards the initiative of education. He has started it by teaching a child named Pulkit (12). Pulkit's father fulfils his family need by running a small tea stall and his mother is a housewife. The best thing is that even when the financial condition of his family is not good, Pulkit's parents are still teaching him. He is studying in a government school and is a promising and sensible child. Our team member has taken initiative to teach him computer to cope with technology driven world. He taught him for 12 hours in November, 2017 and 8 hours in December, 2017.

(Our team member Raj with Pulkit)

Our team member Raj says, "Although the studies are very important, but technology is moving rapidly. Considering the future, it is very important for children to have knowledge of technology too. I teach him the basics of computing and allow him to practice on my computer. I hope he would learn computer very easily and it will be help him in the future. He always showed interest to learn more and he encourages me to teach him and I wish, I will teach more children in the future."

The beneficiary got the basic knowledge about the MS paint tool. He practiced on basic layouts using the tools in MS Paint. He has felt that the training given has made him more prepared with the knowledge of computer and its tools. We at 3EA will continue to make such efforts to give back to the society.

Team Member: Raj Kamal Dixit

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