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Responsibility Towards The Society

One of our team member has taken a step towards the initiative of education. She has started it by teaching a child named Aryan Mukesh (5). Aryan comes from a lower middle class family where his parents cannot speak in English. Aryan requires to learn English so as to get admission in a good school. Our team member Prerna took the initiative and started teaching Aryan English subject. She taught him for 10 hours in December,2017.

(Our team member Prerna with Aryan)

Our team member Prerna says, "It was astonishing to see the manner in which the child was excited to learn something new. While he was extremely shy at the beginning, when he started learning to write he really enjoyed it and wanted to practice it even in his free time. It was a learning for me to see how he was so determined to get something perfectly right even at this age. It was also enriching to see his progress and realize that a small gesture can bring a big change in someone's life"

The beneficiary has felt that the training given has made him more prepared for upcoming school admissions.

Team Member: Prerna Advani

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