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Giving Back To Society

One of our team member has taken a step towards the initiative of education. She has started it by teaching three children named Archita (6), Abhishek (9) and Anushka (12). These children reside in Lucknow and are studying in a government school. They find it hard to study Computer and Mathematics in their school. Our team member took time to help them with these subjects. She taught them for 10 hours in November,2017 and 14 hours in December,2017 at their home.

Our team member Garima says, "This activity made me believe that giving back to society begins with the smallest of the gestures and are necessary ways to develop as a nation and as a person. It also taught me the lesson that no matter how tough I think my life is, there's always someone who has to face challenges that are even tougher than mine. Education as a gift gives the biggest and sole reward in the form of realization that I've made a significant change in someone's life."

(Our team member Garima with Archita, Abhishek and Anushka)

The beneficiaries of this initiative believe that the lessons have made the concepts clear and will help them in their future life. They find computer and mathematics easy and interesting after being taught by our team member. We at 3EA will continue making such efforts towards the society in future.

Team Member: Garima Saxena

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