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Self-Reliant India – A hope for country’s growth

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Self-Reliant India – A hope for country’s growth

We, at 3EA, act as ‘Growth Catalyst’ for your aspirations. Our focus has always been to provide our clients with efficient solutions from the industry experts and to assure the growth of the organization. During the crisis of Covid-19, it has become even more important to grow fast and help boost the economy of the country. The reforms undertaken by the Government are also in favor of the growth of local businesses. PM Modi’s speech to the countrymen on 12th May’20 gave a positive vibe and hope that India would grow stronger in the economic front by being Self-Reliant. Mr. Modi touched upon how Kutch was completely devastated by the earthquake in 2001 with no visible hope of improvement but yet, as we see today, Kutch is stable in it’s functioning and is developing continuously. This can be repeated on a much larger scale to bring the country back to the track of growth amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

The pledge of being self-reliant is supported by 5 pillars:

  1. Economy: Not just incremental change, but a quantum jump
  2. Infrastructure: An identity of modern India
  3. System: Technology-driven system which has vision to take-up new, challenging steps to grow in 21st Century
  4. Demography: Orienting the vision of the vibrant democracy in forward direction
  5. Demand: Increasing and fulfilling the demand of the people by strengthening the supply chain of the country

Mr. Modi also introduced “Aarthik Package”. It is one of the strong driving forces which would help the economy to get stabilized and the country to be self-reliant. The financial reforms undertaken keeping in mind the Covid-19 impact along with the “Aarthik Package” is valued around INR 20 lakh Crore. Which is almost 10% of India’s GDP. The said package considers the 4Ls Land, Liquidity, Labor and Laws to be completely flawless. The main beneficiaries of this would be the MSME sector and the agricultural sector of the country which form the base for the development and growth of the country.

What can be expected from the new reforms to be brought in by the “Aarthik Package”?

  1. Strengthening the supply-chain of the agricultural sector
  2. Rational Tax System
  3. Simple and Clear Laws
  4. Developed Infrastructure
  5. Competent Human Resources
  6. Strong Financial System
  7. Support new businesses and startups
  8. Attracting new Investment
  9. Strengthen the oath of ‘Make in India’

The crisis has shown us the importance of Local Manufacturing, Local Market and Local Supply Chain. This indicates that the reforms would be beneficial for the start-ups and businesses which are focused on domestic manufacturing. This message to the country will boost the growth for the small businesses which currently focus only on the local market.

India has the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world; expected to witness YoY growth of 12-15%. India has about 50,000 startups in India in 2019; around 8,900 – 9,300 of these are technology led startups. 1300 new tech startups were born in 2019 alone implying there are 2-3 tech startups born every day.

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