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India has adopted a mixed economy framework, which was specifically declared in the first Industrial Policy Resolution of 1948 itself, consisting of public and private sectors. Industry has played a central role in India’s developmental efforts since independence. Public sector in its diverse forms involved in all activities in all sector of economy including industry, agriculture, urban infrastructure and public utility services like health, education, water supply and sanitation, transport and communication. PSUs account for more than 1/3rd of total revenue of the Central Government and contributes 27% in the total industrial output.

Our innovative and technical approach:
Economy is booming & Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) are playing an important part in driving country’s economic growth. Our team at 3EA helps many government and public sector organizations to bringaccountability, transparency in their working operations as well as helping them to grow rapidly.

We work with the full spectrum of government and the public sector, from central departments through to universities and local service providers. Our team at 3EA helps the public sector organizations and institutions to create the remodel services, making the most of the latest technology, getting value for money and making life easier for the people.

How we implement our approach:
The initial steps consist of understanding and interpreting the clients need and making strategies for the changes and investments accordingly. The major procedural techniques involved:

  • Delivering major changes from implementing new IT to developing the workforce and embedding complex culture change.
  • Improve budgeting and sourcing processes and outcomes
  • deal with the risks involved with digital technology, including delivering innovative.
  • Focus on strategic decisions and practical actions

How we help:
The Government will encourage strengthening the CPSEs through consolidation, mergers and acquisitions and soon create an integrated public sector ‘oil major’. The government will put in place a revised mechanism and procedure to ensure time bound listing of identified CPSEs on stock exchanges. The CPSEs will be integrated across the value chain of an industry through consolidation, mergers and acquisitions which will give them capacity to bear higher risks,avail economies of scale, take higher investment decisions and create more value for the stakeholders. Organizations are committing themselves to fostering social development and implementing sustainable practices. As the number of profit making CPSEs has increased steadily to 161 and are listed on the various stock exchanges which contributes about 19 percent of the total market capitalization.

3EA combines the best of our private-sector expertise and time-tested tools, data-driven analysis, practical insights and methodologies with a deep understanding of the public sectors to create and implement tailored strategies for our clients.

We help tackle toughest challenges by partnering with non-profit organizations, government entities and private sector companies.

Our team:
Here at 3EA , we have a core group of senior non-profit and public sector experts that we deploy across the globe. The experts team and our practitioners have access to proprietary research, tools and approaches who review our public sector client works.