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Wonderful Organization for Employee Development

3EA is a well-known consultancy company providing business solutions to various business-related issues.

I heard about 3EA from one of my classmates and after having a brief knowledge about the working environment of the organization I was so much inspired with the culture that I ultimately joined the organization.

In a group of four, I was lucky enough to be selected as a CPP - Intern (Finance) for which I had to undergo various levels of selection process such as screening, group discussion, a written test and lastly, personal interview which had more inclination towards assessing my knowledge in relation to the domain that I had selected.

During my tenure as a CPP intern, I got to learn various new things with the opportunity of attaining practical knowledge. It was an enriching experience where I was actually given a chance to apply my theoretical knowledge thus, enabling me to strike a balance between

At this point of time, I personally feel that I'm way ahead of my peers as I not only have a deeper insight of the domain but also have practical knowledge of what I was taught in my college, which is a must to survive in such a competitive world.

I would definitely recommend this programme to all those, who want to kick-start their career. By doing this programme they'll develop a strong foundation for their future which would, in turn, be beneficial to them in the longer run. It would not only give one a platform to shape their future but will also develop interpersonal skills.

I'm privileged to be a part of such a wonderful organization which helps their employee to develop with the company.

Experience as a CPP Intern and an Associate- Ritika Dhawan

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