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Wonderful Experience with 3EA

My journey with 3EA started as a Sr. Executive - ITES, though it's been only 6 months since my association with this company, but it seems my joining in this company was a yesterday affair.

Going further with the flow, I have been promoted as an Assistant Manager - ITES after 3 months of joining.

I am thankful to the company for giving me multiple opportunities, important roles and work exposure to hone my skills and gain expertise in my domain. In fact, I went beyond my IT department and interacted with people working in other areas, such as Research and Development, Marketing, Analytics, etc.

Here, I have learned to do multi-tasking, such as team management, strategy building, real-time plan execution, etc. I want to emphasize the point that sometimes we should not think about ourselves, but people associated with us, those are our Clients. This is the key to maintain relations - be it personal or professional.

Through experience and observation, another valuable lesson that I learned while working at 3EA was that in projects, especially when working in primary stages of certain project like HRMS, things can change very quickly and dramatically. Another lesson I learned throughthis was that if there are any uncertainties, from whether a deadline was off by a few millimetres, it always has to be checked numerous times and from senior level sources before any conclusions canbe made, especially if they are to be presented to a client.

I found that the workplace itself was relatively diverse from what I had observed working at 3EA, there are Reporting Managers, Managers, Project Executives, Business Analysts allworking in the one office. This large range of people have different strengths andqualifications and they work together and organise their work in sync with one another sothat work flows and they are able to complete their work efficiently in order to present it tothe client on time. This in turn, manages to help the workplace become better as team andtherefore creates a good atmosphere in the working environment.

It's been a wonderful experience working here and I wish 3EA success for all the future endeavours.

Contributed by: Saurabh Shakyawar, 3EA

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