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My journey with 3EA

My Journey with 3EA started with a summer internship in HR Advisory function in 2017. After my interview process, I have started following their website and social media handles regularly which gave me a formidable opinion about the organization and I was abit worried if I can fit in. The day has come and I walked to their office with thepre-set mindset that this experience is going to be very ceremonial, but I'm happy to be wrong. Being an intern at 3EA is definitely not what I imagined it to be. It is much more than an internship. I had an overwhelming welcome from the team and within no time the place made me realize the uniqueness in it. It is a structured workplace with a friendly environment and a place to gain experience over and above my domain.

The best part of this internship was getting to choose the type of work that I would want to do. I'm happy that I've chosen the challenging option of working with clients which isby far the most important thing I've done when it comes to my career in HR. For the first time, I was able to experience different interventions required by HR in an organization through business process structuring project at one of our clients. I was never treated as an Intern throughout two months, and my ideas and opinions were valued and implemented which is very important for an HR practitioner. I realized the impact of our work in creating success storiesfor our clients. It was challenging and satisfying to work with clients which confirmed that this is exactly the kind of work I want to do.

Having lost in the hopping between client environment and office, I didn't realize that I have to move from there and head back to my college, as my internship period was over. I was in middle of an interesting project and I couldn't wait to finish it. Realizing my interest, I was given an opportunity to work as an Associate and continue to work on the project while continuing my studies. Today when I attend my courses, it is a lot easier for me to relate theoretically and I feel myself to be a step ahead of other students' due to my experience at 3EA. And I try to take back my learning from courses to the work, I do as an associate. This experience is preparing me in a number of ways from office etiquette, to working with deadlines, to gaining knowledge from hands on training. In the future, I will be well prepared to embrace deadlines and make sure that I'm applying myself in the best manner to complete the project.

Thanks to my mentor for giving me the freedom to try different things and this wonderful experience wouldn't have been possible without everyone's support at 3EA, Lucknow.


Contributed by: Abhinav Chowdhary, NMIMS

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