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Learning at 3EA

After completing my summers from 3EA, I was offered to work as an associate with the company for the projects that I was working on and also for other new projects that were in the pipeline. Overall, it was an enriching experience along with the subjects I chose in my 4th trimester like digital marketing and IMC. They helped me understand much better how to leverage social media and various other accounts for different purposesto create brand awareness.

During my tenure, I was able to work on the survey analysis of a project whose primary questionnaire I had prepared earlierduring my summer internship. I was really glad that I was able to be a part of various live projects. I also worked on the content generation part of the various brands. I realized the actual meaning of the line "Content is the king". If you provide the content, consumers will flock towards your brand and the stringent quality checks makes the content worth your Target group.

Learning was immense. For example, while working on the presentation of one of the brands (who already has a presence on the social media), I realized that brands with good association have a very wide reach. Thus, any brand looking for an expansion, should focus on the people they are associated with.Working on the live project was a major plus point in working as an associate. The analytics of the consumers' insights, along with the digital media marketing of multiple brands had made me understand the concept of branding, choosing the right TG etc.

To sum up the experience in a single line, I would say it was more than I expected and fulfilling for me.

Contributed by: Vipul Tyagi, 3EA

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