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Great Experience from Learned Team

My story was no other that other students, had given boards exams and got selected in Top college of my city. One year passed with sheer and cheer, and came the time of summer break. It was the time of the year when I realised I want to learn something and utilize my holidays unlike other students who were busy in search of CAT coaching. So I kept searching about various online courses and internships but none was up to the expectations. As everybody knows interns are hired with load of mountain in exchange of peanuts.

Soon, I came across a Program known as Certified Professional Program by one of the most reputed business consulting company in Lucknow, 3EA. This program was offered in various domains but initially I got selected for CPP in Digital Media Marketing. I was trained in Marketing principles which included basic knowledge of Marketing and Technicalities of Digital Media Marketing. I was given live projects and case study to work on and apply my knowledge practically. I came across many new Social media platforms which I had never heard of before my training. Also learnt the Digital media Auditing which was also a new thing for me. It was a great Experience Indeed. The environment of the company was very positive, all the team members were always approachable. Besides Digital Media Marketing we were also involved in various other projects like Mystery shopping whereby we went into different kiosks and secretly observed the working and serving environment of that place. Soon with vigorous 360 hours of training, I was certified as a Marketing Professional.

Based on an aptitude test, I was offered a part time associates position in the company under which I had to work for 2-3 hours per day, seeing my college studies were also not disturbed. I accepted the offer, from here on my career completely transformed, from the slippers of the students I got synthesized into shoes of a professional. I got my official mail id, company card, visiting card which was wonderful for me as a student since I just stepped into my 2nd year of graduation and all my fellow mates were toiling hard in CAT coaching.

As a part time associate I got a lot of exposure, I was working on 5-6 projects in a months time. I was given Digital media marketing projects of various clients and accordingly started framing DMM strategies across different platforms. The best part of this position was I got to learn a lot as the clients and projects on which I was working were all from totally different sectors. I also got opportunity to train youth entrepreneurs on How to grow their business via Digital Tools. This lead to an all round development and boosted my confidence a lot. From my complete Theoretical approach I came to a practical approach now. I started to think innovatively. Working at 3EA gave me many skills which I never had thought of. It gave me a good knowledge of professional company culture and working.

Well, then not everything comes perfectly. There were times when I was completely off the track, But my Mentors are always motivated me and guided me on a right path, They always recognized and praised me on my achievements. It was a great experience learning from such knowledgeable people. The things I learnt will help me in achieving my dreams and stand out of masses. Presently I am In my third year and would soon be joining the company as a full time associate.

So my suggestion to fresher students is, don't waste your time in coaching, Try to grab more practical knowledge at this young age so that it would benefit you in future and give you a competitive edge over others.

Experience as a CPP Intern and an Associate- Abhishek Agarwal

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