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Enhanced Leadership Ability and Problem Solving Approach

During my first year of graduation, I decided I needed some hands on work experience for my career so I thought of taking up a part time job or an internship alongside my college.

I heard about 3EA and my friend recommended me to join the company. I had to appear for a written test, followed by an interview, which included questions about online marketing of brands. It was a completely new experience for me since I had never appeared for a job interview or examination before. I got selected and began my training. My training mostly focused on digital media marketing and various marketing concepts, which helped expand my knowledge. It helped me get familiar with the technical terms and know-how required and often used in this field.

My initial assignments included mystery shopping, where we visited selected outlets owned by various clients. We observed the working process and reviewed it in a report to resolve problems, if any. After a while I was assigned the digital media marketing job for certain clients. They helped build my confidence and advised me to always have a positive attitude towards not only my work but everything I do.

The office environment was very welcoming as well as encouraging. This turned out to be a huge factor in motivating me as well as increasing my adaptability. Every achievement, no matter how small or big, was recognized and appreciated. Working at 3EA helped me on my leadership abilities as well as problem solving approach. Later on, as a part time associate, I handled the DMM of the company as well as clients. This gave me a lot of exposure and helped in improving my assertiveness. Working here helped me get a good insight into the varied company structure and corporate culture. We worked as a team, which helped me learn a lot from everybody and widen my purview. It has been an inspiration to me and everything I learnt from my experience here will stay with me and guide me in all my future endeavours. I highly recommend 3EA as it is the perfect place for understanding your potential and growing professionally as well as personally.

Experience as a CPP Intern and an Associate- Prateek Sukhwani

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