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Done researches and live projects of great companies

Job definition - The job of a CPP intern is to manage all the social media accounts of the clients, thus making them social media experts and trained professionals.

The training of the interns start on the very first day and they get to know about all the theoretical terms related to social media marketing. The interns are given demos, power point presentations and are also made to deal with clients once they get through their first stage of training. They are given multiple projects with deadlines and are under complete supervision of a trained professional.

Benefits - In my summer vacations, I opted for this internship with 3EA from May where I got trained for almost a month and then was given multiple projects and was also asked to manage client's social media accounts.

The internship also helped in personality development and understanding of the corporate world. Digital media marketing, content creation and market research for several clients added to my knowledge.

After completing my internship with the company I was hired as a part timer as I stayed in Delhi for college and worked from home.

The experience as an intern has been great and I have learned a lot from the researches, live projects and under the supervision of the senior members of the company.

Experience as a CPP Intern and an Associate- Tarandeep Singh

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