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MNC’s as the name suggests are huge corporations that have their offices located in another country. These corporations have factors like facilities, equipment or even the entire workforce located in another country or continent altogether, away from its base or home location. For efficient management and resource handling, these corporations often have its own centralized facilities.

There are four kinds of MNCs that exists. First is a decentralized corporation with a strong presence in its home country. Second is a global, centralized corporation that acquires cost advantage where cheap resources are available. Third is a global company that builds on the parent corporation’s research & development and fourth is a transnational enterprise that uses all three categories.

MNC’s are always on a look-out for expansion to different nations, business ventures, joint ventures, mergers (vertical, horizontal, concentric or conglomerate) and acquisitions. For that they seek external advice and support for issues as critical as strategy to seemingly procedural matters such as accounting and taxation. We help them decide on the profitability of the venture and the expected return-on-investment.

We understand the need of consultants by MNCs and with our global presence, we aim at helping our clients in strategizing and strengthening their presence in the respective industries. We also leverage the technological advancements and capitalise fully on them to bring an enriching solution and experience for our clients so that we maintain their trust and help them with the best business solutions possible.

3EA adds value to organizations by understanding the business problems that they are facing and then curates a solution that targets the problem and remedies it. Each solution reflects our inimitable business acumen and unique expertise that aids the organizations in responding to the different business environment. We provide diagnostic expertise with innovation/ speed of response in clients to add value to their clients through their problem-solving skills.