Management Orientation at 3EA

According to me, orientation is the right time for any new employee to understand the company's strategy, policies and processes. At 3EA , I really had a good learning experience during the orientation programme. Six different modules were covered and each module was taught by skilled professionals of the respective field. There were briefings about marketing, business model, business intelligence, financial research analysis, human resource management, etc. Along with that many other tasks were given like reviewing an associated case study through a presentation. The discussion sessions that were conducted at the end of every module helped in clearing out basic business concepts.

I got to know where do I fit in the organization and who should be contacted at what time and for what kind of work. We have been trained in such a way that it has not just enhanced my personality but also made me learn many new things which can help in achieving organization's goals. Well, I must say that 3EA has adopted an excellent strategy of implementing an orientation in an innovative way where an employee tends to learn things quickly. They have a good understanding of their employees and follow the objective- setting process where performance is more likely to follow. The organization clearly communicates its goals and objectives, and understands the importance of establishing connection between what's said and what's done. For a fresher like me, an orientation significantly increases my speed of competency and it has helped me blend into the organization much faster.

Overall, the induction programme conducted at 3EA was a part of the knowledge management process and enabled a new starter like me to become a useful, integrated member of the team, rather than being "thrown at the deep end".

Contributed by: Urbi Ghosh & Sushmita Rai, Business Analyst, 3EA

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