Learning Experience in Induction at 3EA

I am really grateful to 3EA for the enriching & insightful experience of the induction orientation programme provided by our very own organization.

It was a splendid opportunity to imbibe knowledge and learn different aspects as well as concepts of business which I wasn't aware of, before the induction. The 6 modules on business plan & strategy, marketing, business intelligence, business analytics, HRM, &finance helped me to understand to which direction I am supposed to steer while doing my research and analysis regarding a certain industry or product. I was taught about the significance of the mission, vision, objectives & values of an organization, business verticals, management team and hierarchy, policies, dress codes & business conduct guidelines.

Working on different case studies for each module, brought further clarity to my mind. I would like to thank Miss. Shipra Singh for being extremely patient and for teaching us impeccably. I learnt about different aspects of finance from Shruti ma'am, who was generous enough to give us her time. Last but definitely not the least, we were lucky enough to be able to interact with Dr. Vibhor sir who gave us more clarity on business and business plans. I am extremely grateful to him for taking out his precious time from his busy schedule. He made our concepts clearer and I am looking forward to learn more from him to be able to contribute towards the company in a more productive way.

Over the course of the induction programme, I learnt how to integrate my Statistical knowledge with marketing & business information. It has also helped me tremendously for my overall personality development. Exchange of views on various topics through presentation and videos, online learning & extensively interactive sessions will certainly enhance my performance and future endeavours. I am falling short of words to express my gratitude towards the team of 3EA for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to learn and assimilate a wide range of knowledge.

Contributed by: Urbi Ghosh & Sushmita Rai, Business Analyst, 3EA

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