Work Places Should Permit Co-Working and Promote Wellbeing | 3EA

By Urbi Ghosh, 3EA
Work Places Should Permit Co-Working and Promote Wellbeing | 3EA


Why is the worldwide percentage of workers who are engaged in their work so small? What can enhance these dismal stats and augment profitability, productivity and working environment satisfaction? The answer lies in the workplace design. To be suitable for the future, workplaces must move towards becoming spaces, concentrated on human relations and adaptability.


Avoid rigidity, promoting Flexible and Adaptable layout- The cutting edge workforce is not immobile any more. With the escalation of unconnected workers and the development rate of new companies, flexible outline is a significant component. Adaptability and flexibility is identified with various well-being measurements and the present employees consider it as a matter of prime importance. As indicated by the 2015 Mobile Generations Orangebox Office Wars Report, 92% of 20 to 30 year olds say "adaptability and flexibility are of top most primacy while choosing a work environment." 32% of ladies with adaptable working conditions had decreased their career yearnings contrasted with 57% of those without.

One of the best examples is the workplaces of Red Bull. They have imbibed this culture of flexible layout, fully, with a humongous reception area which can be turned into a trendy lounge for the employees to refresh after long office hours.

Empowering employees to have some adaptability and flexibility around when and where they work is a key driver behind allowing them to be completely connected and to be authentic– enabling individuals to organize tasks with a workable schedule.

Make the Workplace feel like Home- This trend is pretty much prevalent in coworking spaces and startup space layout, however it's advancing into corporates, too. We need the best of the two universes - to work in a place that completely underpins our innovative and technological requirements (advantageous power; WiFi etc.), yet in line with the comfort level as well.

Employee Health must be the priority- The wellbeing and prosperity of workers are key to efficiency, productivity, joy and wellbeing. Other than opting for a healthy way of living, choosing nutritious supplement rich office snacks and empowering walk and talk meetings, outstanding amongst other things to set up with the greatest effect is, sit-stand desks. It not only fosters high levels of energy but also rectifies the body posture.

Wise selection of furniture (desks, chairs etc.)- Certain rules should be applied while purchasing furniture for office. One should go with the standard heights of desks and chairs. Desks that are too short are a bad idea. Desks whose heights can get adjusted are the best options. Another good idea is to get standing desks. Once in a while the employees can use it as per convenience.


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Distractions should be kept at bay- Open workplaces have their own treats but sometimes it may pose as a distraction in the form of noise. Thus, heed should be paid to the acoustics and the graphic contact of the office layout. This objective can be achieved by better flooring and ceiling.

Get in touch with Nature- Biophilia promotes harmony and happiness into the environment, thereby instilling productivity, innovation and creativity among workers. Add more plants and flowers in the workplace.

Collaborate- There should be an active engagement among managers and coworkers to create a healthy cross- communication flow among workers and managers as well as coworkers. This helps in being more creative and inculcating a problem solving attitude by involving different departments and domains instead of having the habit of working in silos to solve problems.
1. Infuse Social Culture by organizing micro-events among the members of the organization.
2. Communicate to get their honest feedback and try to improve.

Last but not the least, what better way to revive and optimize the senses than to have a cup of coffee? Hence, ensure good coffee to the employees. It will instill a sense of belongingness and provide an opportunity for casual conversations, thereby strengthening the foundation of coworking.

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Article by: Urbi Ghosh, 3EA