Application of Web Analytics for E-Commerce

By Rupanshi Rastogi, 3EA
Web Analytics for E-Commerce

People within analytics industry are unknown about improvements and uses of web analytics. Following are a few advantages which could be understood by utilization of web investigation:

1.Deep understanding of prospect behavior resulting in higher customer conversion
2.More joyful clients as they are presented with what they would search for
3. Higher profit margins from higher offer of wallet from clients

Customer journey framework -


Application of web analysis on e-Commerce sites can be divided in three parts:
1.Bringing more prospects through different procurement channels
2.Changing over more prospects to clients
3.Boosting life time estimation of clients

Bringing more prospect

How to get more prospects to your site in a cost effective way? Which channels bring clients with higher life time values?

These are a few inquiries which can be replied through web analytics. Following are some more cases where web investigation can help:
1.Compare performance of various banner placements and creative. Which banner animation brings more relevant traffic?
2.Which search terms bring traffic more likely to convert?
3.Which subject line in an Email campaign has higher open rate?

Converting more prospects to customers

Inside this domain, the main area where web analytics helps is in understanding prospects and clients. Do they like intuitive site or they want to have a straightforward and coordinated journey? Do they expect numerous alternatives or they need to simply proceed with the most prominent choices? What sort of ads are non-meddling? Understanding these basic and particular inquiries eventually help in changing over more prospects into clients.

The second region where web investigation helps is understanding the journey of your clients. Where the client generally drop off or leave the page?

Boosting life time estimation of clients

Once a man has turned into client, one have some more data about him such as -
1.What sort of city and geological area did he originate from?
2.What method of installment did he utilize?
3.Which Credit card did he utilize?
4.What item did the individual purchase?
5.He is probably going to be a youngster, proficient moderately aged or salaried individual?

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Article by: Rupanshi Rastogi, 3EA