Ways HR Creates More Value for Business

By Aatmika Bharadwaj, 3EA
Ways HR Creates More Value for Business

There has been a tectonic shift in focus of organisations from traditional human resources to strategically aligned HR. The role of human resources in modern organisations is quite different from that in traditional companies. No longer is HR merely resource administration but the function has increased with strategic focus on key business imperatives.

Despite the fact that operational part of HR is unavoidable, a significant need that has off late is to hire and train HR personnel that can connect to resources on all level. While it is true that the operational part of HR is unavoidable there is need to train and involve HR on strategic level.

Following are four ways that HR can create and add more value for Businesses:

1. HR Focus should comprise of both Internal & External Stakeholders: strategically aligned human resource teams keeps a clear focus on the business as well stakeholders of the business; this includes employees and managers inside the company, and it also encompasses customers, investors, and communities outside. The value of HR is not just what happens inside the company but outside as well.

2. Making use of Technology - Digital HR: In order to deliver value, Human resource professionals must understand that in order manage well in a digital age, both efficiency as well as technological innovation are required. Additionally, it also requires the ability to choose the right medium of digital solutions that is customised as per requirement and help build connections in this digital age.

3. Designing the right HR department: To ensure that HR delivers optimum business value, the department needs to be organised in a way that both efficiency and effectiveness can be achieved. In order to be that, HR departments should be strategically aligned to organisational goals. This would mean, that in a centralised business, HR could also be centralised; Comprising a common set of HR policies and practices throughout the organisation. Subsequently, if the business model is decentralised, then HR should be decentralised as well. It has become imperative for organisations to align their respective human resource departments in line with strategic goals.

4. Focus on building the right HR competencies & empowering managers: Research has established that there are certain HR competencies that every HR department/professional must develop. Finally, intermediate HR managers who are accountable and responsible for the work should be empowered to take strategic decisions around talent and leadership.

Human Resource team leaders in global organisations are constantly directing their teams towards become more strategically relevant and oriented.

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Article by: Aatmika Bharadwaj, 3EA