Virtual Human Resource Management

By Human Resource Advisory, 3EA;
Virtual Human Resource Management

Virtual human resource management is a network-based structure typically mediated by information technology which helps the organization in recruitment, development and deployment of intellectual capital. This benefits the employers by reducing the time commitment of Human Resource staff and also saves lot of cost for the organization.

Virtual Human Resource Management can help the organization in the following ways:

Virtual Recruiting:
Virtual recruiting includes conducting virtual job fairs by the organization, which includes web seminars and video interviews. This enhances the capability of giving job applicants a better view about the culture of the company and their daily responsibilities at the job they have applied to. In turn, virtual recruitment is also a cost effective method that gives instant access to a large pool of candidates.

Virtual Training:
Virtual Training helps in outsourcing the training activities to a specialized firm through virtual platforms, bringing people together across regions, companies and functions in a blink of an eye. This assists the organisation to implement learning and development for the employees through better employee engagement and is one of the key benefits of Virtual Training.

Virtual On-boarding:
Virtual on-boarding helps in conducting online employee orientation programs to facilitate a smooth induction process and minimise human intervention. The paper work is also considerably reduced and the average man hours allotted for the human resource team also decreases.

Thus, Virtual Human Resource Management is the need of the hour and organisations should take steady steps for the development of Virtual Human Resource Management.

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Article by: Human Resource Advisory, 3EA;