Unleashing the power of Training in Learning Organisations

By Human Resource Advisory, 3rd Eye Advisory®
Unleashing the power of Training in Learning Organisations

In an universal atmosphere of stern competition, the cut-throat advantages of an organisation often depend on its employees. An extremely trained staff can surely give a competitive boundary and control both endurance and growth. That is why in an organization, learning and development is kept in the centre of strategic planning. As employees are occupiedin performing their duties in a job and contribute to the success of the organization, they need to be continuously learning and adapting. This has to be encouraged by a workplace that exhibits the character of a learning organisation.

Leadership in Learning & Development

Leadership is a primary key in the success of learning initiatives and so the leadership skills play a critical role.

We all have our own learning style hence for a successful learning; the trainers must adjust their methods of learning in accordance of the styles of the learners. Learning styles can be planned and delivered to meet the different styles, on the other hand, in actuality one single style of learning is not preferred by many people and if we have a group of learners then definitely the learners will hold a number of diverse preferences.

Planning in Learning & Development

Business objectives can only be achieved by the organisation when it has the right people to do the business, they should display required skills at the time when it is actually required. Organisations continuously need to conduct an analysis on the requirement of skills and experience for the current business and future business, it has also to identify the gaps within and then plan accordingly as how to deliver the training initiatives that covers or fills the gaps.This plan will define and summarise what training is required in learning and development by the organization and how it will be delivered and in what time frame.

Internal and External Training

Once the planning is done appropriately, as an output we can get the types of learning and development plans that are to be made or would be required and basis this an organisation will need to decide how this training can be delivered at its best. Whether it can be delivered internally or an external trainer provider is required. A primary focus should be that the existing staffs of the organization shall to design, deliver and evaluate internal training initiatives. But one needs to understand that the plan of learning and development will often involve a mixture of both internal and external training for different learning needs by various categories of staff.

Monitoring in Learning & Development

Monitoring plays a crucial role inconsideration of the efficiency of training programs on individual as well as business outcomes. There are many organisations that do not go beyond and evaluate their learning and developmental programs to the level of response as how the program went and how the participants feel about their learning experience.It is very much important to take feedback from the employees that too,immediately after the training program ends, and the feedback has to be about the presentation, it's content etc. Even there are certain tools that would be required for the trainers in order to evaluate and measure the transfer of learning and its application in the workplace so that it gives a holistic picture of value addition in the organisational performance as well.

3rd Eye Advisory® with its huge think tank of learned trainers and associates have conduced successful and result oriented training programs for number of business groups across India and abroad. 3rd Eye Advisory® firmly believe in the concept of enhancing its peoples' skills and knowledge, thus the organisation walks hand in hand with the changing trend in the world of Knowledge Industry. This benefits not only the employees of the company who in return put in maximum of their abilities to produce best for company's clients, but also thebenefit is extended to the business and companies who approach 3rd Eye Advisory® for their training and learning needs.

If you feel that your organisation needs a training for its employees but are unable to identify the real reason behind training, then let the team of HR advisory of 3rd Eye Advisory® take a call on this, we will help you identify the cause with various tools of Human Resource Management, which will be a fool proof process and will bring the desired outcome.

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Article by: Human Resource Advisory, 3rd Eye Advisory®