Things that are hurting your career

By HR Advisory, 3EA
Things that are hurting your career

In the age of ruthless and combative competition, striking a balance between career growth and personal development is a tough task to master for both the millennial, and experienced professionals alike. Even seasoned professionals unknowingly take several seemingly harmless and unintentional measures that are detrimental to their career.

A recent survey revealed that as many as 83% of people had personally witnessed their peers/acquaintances take a miscalculated career step that had a negative impact on their career. Interestingly, 69% of the respondents admitted to having personally done something that adversely affected their own career. As many as 31% of respondents felt these career mistakes made by them resulted in loss of job or withheld their promotion and as high 11% admitted that these wrongdoings damaged their hard earned reputations.

We all make significant career decisions throughout important milestones in our professional lives. Career mistakes often hurt in the long term, even if they feel seemingly harmless at present. More often than not, there career mistakes lead to an added pressure in one's current job and make it even harder to grab new opportunities or transition into new career.

Here are 5 things to watch out for, that can really hurt your career:

  • Lack of Self Awareness:
    As a professional, it is imperative to intermittently assess yourself and have a clear idea of your personal strengths. Self awareness gives one the confidence of being acutely aware of strengths and inherent weakness that need to be worked upon. This leads to making more informed decisions and invariably, a higher engagement in one's job. On the other hand, lack of self awareness often leads to a sense of perpetual dissatisfaction and poor decision making that is more often than not, influenced by others, rather than one's own internal assessment.

  • Lack of direction:
    No career planning can be carried out without a proper vision. Creating an individual goal sheet/wish list after self-assessment is the first step of gaining a future perspective of your career, and helps one chart a future course of actions accordingly. Not having a clear path envisaged can lead to the feeling of 'being stuck' and is guaranteed to result in a degraded performance at workplace.

  • Not knowing the difference between 'Hard Work' and 'Performance':
    Efforts that don't yield desired often lead to demotivation and loss of confidence. Having a focus on the end goal becomes imperative to 'perform'. An important benchmark to ensure performance in today's age is having absolute clarity of one's KPI/KRA's. Without the focus on achieving specific end results, you may end up working endlessly and still not achieve desired goals.

  • Not having a Mentor/s:
    Research has proven that people who have mentors in their professional domain have more successful and rewarding careers. Not having mentors can lead to a limited perspective and one loses the life skill of learning from others successes and mistakes. It is an essential support system without which one is strategically handicapped.

  • Limited professional network:
    Networking in this social age is an essential requisite for career progression. Only well networked people are able to capitalise on the synergy of a truly global professional environment. Lack of networking is now seen as many as a dead end of one's future growth opportunities, and rightly so.

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Article by: HR Advisory, 3EA