Social Media Trends

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Social Media Trends

Social Media Trends - Restaurant Industry

For restaurants one of the easiest and most effective ways to engage their audience is through Social Media. Most restaurants set up a Facebook page and an Instagram account for their business. But the key here is to update it regularly and use the right tools to make most of the platform. One also needs to follow the latest trends in the industry to be innovative in their approach.

So, why should you use Social Media for your restaurant business?
You can see below some of the statistics from a survey. And it shows how consumers are using social media to find their food destinations, give feedback and look for promotions online. A large share of consumers relies on the internet to find what they are looking for!

You do need to stay up to date with changing trends and find innovative means to reach out to this audience. Below are some of the key trends which are a must for the restaurant industry in order to keep up with changing consumer dynamics.

  1. Share Customer Generated Content
    The statistics above do show that people do write content about the restaurants they visit. A lot of them are also into food photography, as they share pictures of the places they visit and food they order. As a business you should track these and share them on your page. It not only encourages the customer to share more about you but also passes on the feedback to your other followers. It's like using word of mouth marketing socially. The power of a regular person advocating for a product or service holds far more weight in a potential customer's mind than any kind of direct advertising.

  2. Respond to Reviews
    Customers love to review new places they visit on sites like Zomato. It is good to have a dedicated person to monitor the feedback through this, as your potential customers are going to use this to make the decision to visit your restaurant.
    Ensure that every single review positive or negative is responded to. Negative emotions must be handled very delicately and politely. Invite the customer for a revisit and maybe a second chance on some dish they didn't quite like. Take all feedback positively, and as a key to improving your service.

  3. Exclusive offers for Social Media followers
    Provide certain offers, discounts or benefits of service to social media customers. This will also encourage other offline customers to go online and increase your following on the web.
    You need to plan the type of offer based on your brand strategy. Regardless, creating the right offers will generally involve a lot of experimentation to understand what works best. The best approach is to choose a goal for every campaign and offer, start small and measure the results.

  4. Social Media Contests
    Contests on Social Media are gaining popularity to get traffic on pages and interact with customers. Keep a special prize for the contest whether it is a free meal voucher, a discount voucher, a free dish or drink.
    And the contest again can be designed as per the restaurant's will and purpose. Ask followers to add more people to a group, or increase likes on your pages or run a hashtag based campaign, keep a contest on likes on their posts about your restaurant.
    Some available services such as Tag Board can help collate entries of hashtag based competitions.

  5. Video marketing
    Food photography has been the "in" thing to do for a long time now. But innovation is further seen using <>video marketing for this industry. Video marketing in general is an upcoming trend for businesses. As far as food is concerned, who wouldn't want to see a live video of something delicious being prepared. Preparing behind the scenes videos of the preparation of a dish, a mouth-watering dessert, or the final plating of a dish will definitely draw attention to your page more than photos which are now turning conventional.

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Article by: Marketing, 3EA