Social Media Detoxification and its Impact on Businesses

By Marketing Advisory, 3rd Eye Advisory®
Social Media Detoxification and its Impact on Businesses

Detoxification (popularly termed as Detox) means a time period during which a person abstains or refrains from using something that is toxic or harmful for us. Social Media is as much a bane, as it is a boon. Nowadays, studies show, social media addiction is more widespread than any other substance abuse. To deal with this, a new concept is slowly emerging and gathering widespread attention: Social Media Detoxification.

In simple terms, Social Media Detoxification refers to cutting off all social media interactions for a certain period of time, usually one to three months. Social Media Detoxification serves as a reaction to information overload, which is a result of new media and digital connecting devices. Constant usage of digital connecting devices at the work place has been observed to result in increased stress levels and reduce productivity. That being said, social media is a vital platform for businesses to grow and prosper in the cut throat competition prevailing today.

Social networks are one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Having a social media presence, accompanied by an appropriate strategy and plan, can be highly beneficial to the business. Hence, as much as Social Media Detoxification is beneficial for the users, it has an adverse impact on the businesses which rely on social media for their success.

Impact of Social Media Detoxification on the Business

Reduced Audience and Brand Awareness
Due to Social Media Detoxification, the audience available to the business significantly diminishes. Social media is one of the most efficient marketing methods to syndicate content and increase business visibility. Reduction in audience due to adoption of Social Media Detoxification results in diminution of brand awareness.

Difficult to Gain Customer Insight
Social media generates a large amount of data about customers in real time. Every day, there are approximately 500 million tweets, 4.5 billion likes on Facebook and 95 million photos and videos posted on Instagram. Behind these astonishing numbers, is a plethora of information about customers- who they are, what do they like etc. Social Media Detoxification results in loss of this insight and makes it harder for the business to understand what its customers want and how to serve them better.

Diminished Website Traffic and Search Ranking
One of the most significant benefits of social media for a business is assistance in increasing their website traffic. Apart from helping in directing people to a particular website, social media also aids in achieving an elevated search ranking. Social Media Detoxification has a negative impact on the website traffic as well as search engine ranking of a business.

Inconvenience in Sharing Content with the Masses
Social Media is one of the fastest and most cost efficient ways to market a business. The various social media platforms facilitate dispensing of information, about a product or service, to the public. It also exposes the business to new eyes and with one touch, a multitude of people can learn about the business. Social Media Detoxification makes it gruelling for the business to increase the awareness of the masses, about its products and services.

Decrease in Sales
Social Media has proven to be a very effective tool for the sales team, in any business. B2B companies use platforms like LinkedIn to reach out to their customers directly, while B2C companies can use the likes of Twitter or Facebook to increase their exposure. Having a social media presence, allows the customer to understand a brand, giving it more chances to gain business and popularity. Due to Social Media Detoxification, the businesses cannot directly interact with their customers and these results in a downfall in the sales of the business.

This is an emerging problem for the Digital Media Marketers today. If not dealt with properly, it can have a negative effect on the business. At 3rd Eye Advisory® , we focus on spreading awareness about a brand, increasing its popularity as well as tackling problems that arise due to unfavourable conditions or trends on various social media platforms, by following a modern marketing approach. We believe in providing an air tight marketing strategy so as to obtain best possible results. For a solution to overcome this problem effectively #ask3rdEyeAdvisory. 3rd Eye Advisory® aims at providing result-oriented cutting edge solutions to its clients.

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Article by: Marketing Advisory, 3rd Eye Advisory®