Role of Learning & Development in future

By Abhinav Chowdhary, 3EA
Role of Learning & Development in future

Role of Learning & Development in future: Building 'Learning experience'

Learning and Development is a crucial function not just in fulfilling the training needs of employees but also is a key driver in talent management. It is the core of a highly-integrated talent strategy because of its principal purpose - learning. Learning in an organization touches every part of the talent cycle, from recruitment to induction, from performance to compensation, and more importantly in engaging and retaining employees.

The word 'disruption' is not new to the corporate industry, with its wrenching change in last two decades. L&D as a function and industryhas been evolving constantly, supporting its core purpose of developing the talent, in the best way possible. The concept of 'e-learning' in early 2000's was a major disruption back then with Instructor-led training on internet browser facing slow bandwidth issues. Within no time, this system wasn't helping the industry and a new one, social learning, has emerged in 2005 and so did 'continuous learning'. Continuous learning was a breakthrough with the philosophy of '70-20-10' i.e. an employee would learn through experience, exposure via sharing-coaching-mentoring, and formal learning in that ratio.

Source: Prediction for 2017, Bersin by Deloitte.

Today, organizations are running towards enhancing the learning through building 'experience'. But the question here is 'Are we competent enough to build these experiences?' The majority of the answer is 'no'. Employees today, irrespective of their generations, are not interested in classrooms sessions and a planned course of training; they simply do not use Learning Management system unless they have to. So, as a business leader, it is your responsibility to create a learning environment where employees are always on learning by providing a platform where they can learn anytime, anywhere, anything within their interest of time through Micro-learning. This is consciously building experience for employees where they unconsciously use it, when they feel the need.

Our HR experts have helped numerous clients in various sectors in building Talent Management and Learning and development capabilities. Our benefitted clients, today, experience high learning environments, helping them in facing business automation, and continued obsolescence of skills. Our dedicated professionals have helped them in building learning experience platforms, micro-learning platforms, assessment and development tools, content libraries and also in recording their learning.

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Article by: Abhinav Chowdhary, 3EA