Redefining Work for Millennials

By Human Resource Advisory, 3rd Eye Advisory Ltd
Redefining Work for Millennials

World is moving faster than we think with new innovations every day. Today’s employees, irrespective of the type of employment, are moving towards looking at the success through ends i.e. results with sense of ownership. This is redefining the workplace dynamics.

Who is influencing this change? - Millennials
"Millennials are people born between the early 1980s and the late1990s"

Millennials account for more than 30% workforce in the world and this number is estimated to go up to 50% by 2020. These numbers matter a lot in business, irrespective of the labour dependency in the industry you are in. Millennials define the workplace, and influence the way workforce support the business of the company.

This inevitable change might look like a new problem in balancing the culture but these trade-offs comes with lot many advantages.

Freelancing & Flexibility

The traditional work commitment of '9 to 5' doesn't exist anymore, the restriction of working on a single project or in a single workplace is an old school work style today. Millennials who are the majority of workforce are taking advantage of this new economy, i.e. gig economy, without fear. They are the most likely age group to freelance—38% of millennials are freelancing, compared to 32% of all others according to a survey by Freelancers Union and Elanceo Desk. They are more inclined towards work-life balance and are choosing work time flexibility over pay.

Technology &Connectivity

A lot of workplaces' work in teams, and a lot of team collaboration in terms of interactions, communication and information sharing is required which won’t be possible with flexibility and freelancing. This could be a major problem but Millennials have a solution – Usage of technology and staying instantly connected.

Millennials have an increasing compulsion to stay connected and be available all the time, irrespective of time and place. Usage of technology through applications and always staying connected through a device makes this composition possible.


Leaving the question of whether multi-tasking is good or bad, a highly debatable topic, millennials are able to deal with multi-tasking much easily and are surprised when their co-workers are not designed for such an approach of doing things.

Reverse Mentorship

Millennials have brought a new concept of 'reverse mentorship' where they mentor other senior colleagues in the workplace on technology, social media etc. Apart from knowledge transfer, this also an effective team building intervention.

At 3rd Eye Advisory® , our experts have designed specific job roles keeping in mind the job roles Millennials of today wish to adopt. Millennials bring a lot of diversity and change over in the culture. They have high entrepreneurial nature and seek purpose in the work. Very surprisingly, colleagues from other generations are greatly influenced by millennials and are slowly adapting to their workstyle. It is important for the companies to support them, ensuring they are engaged with workplace to create the sustainable independent work economy that we-and they-need.

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Article by: Human Resource Advisory, 3rd Eye Advisory Ltd