Recruitment through Social Media - On Going Trends

By Human Resource Advisory, 3EA
Recruitment through Social Media - On Going Trends

Nowadays, recruiting candidates have become harder and challenging than before. In the increased competition for high talent among job seekers, the companies have been forced to improve their policies and modernize their recruitment policies.

The biggest trend that has been recruited in the last decade is the emergence of social media to attract and transform talent. The study has also received its 'elderly' recruitment - 'social recruitment' - but this human resource has almost retained and social media has done the same. And these are modern organizations who have taken advantage of these changes which have been the most benefit. Therefore, it is important for companies (especially small businesses) to actively use social media in recruitment efforts. But to get the best ROI, recruitment leaders need to be appointed at the top of the latest trends in the social media world.

Here are some of the features on social medias:-

Facebook has recently introduced the Job Tabs feature which allows companies to post their open roles using a status update tool on their business page. Job listings appear in a new tab and the applicant can send their personal information directly through messenger.

Instagram has also been made by some major changes, including the features of Instagram stories and inevitable messages. With these new features, recruiters can share more spontaneous moments from their company's lives to get interested candidates interested in recruiting.

Twitter frequently publishes new features such as moments and connected tabs. Recent changes in the Twitter interface allow you to include more than 140 characters in your Tweets and correct notifications on your timeline. These features help define your content to attract your followers.

Even on recruitment, social media has a great impact on Recruitments today. Again, most employers do not use social media on their full potential.

Earlier (2011): 56% of the companies were recruited by social media
Last year (2016): 84% of companies were recruiting through social media

Without using social media recruitment can lead to huge loss of potential work, as 79% of the jobseekers use it for their job search. For the first 10 years of young career seekers, their number has increased by 86%. And they used to not only look for positions but to learn more about the company.

When news of PR and communication policy comes, 2/3 respondents of the UK and US have said that the social media company is required for C-suite officials.

About 75% of employees say that their employers do not promote their employment brand on social media. Social media is a valuable tool for managing the brand reputation of 75% employees in the UK.


Only 33% of the global market's employers encourage their employees to use social media, which can reduce the chances of potential recruitment by actually seeing the good things about the company from the people who actually work. By improving your company's reputation, you will have an incredible advantage when you come to attract potential employees:

84% of employees leave the offer from a large number of reputable companies. If your company is already using social media for marketing, then work with the marketing team to promote recruitment. Also, talk to employees about how they can improve your brand reputation through their social media engagements.

Explore the possibilities of social media offer and build your recruitment strategy based on business needs and shaped you own recruitment strategy.

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Article by: Human Resource Advisory, 3EA
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