The Positives and Negatives of Job Description

By Human Resource Advisory, 3EA
The Positives and Negatives of Job Description

Job description is a resourceful management tool which details the primary responsibilities, expectations, necessary skills required for a job. A well-structured Job description should include the below mentioned elements

  • Job title -
    Clarifying the level of the position in the organization
  • Objective/Purpose -
    A summary of Job description specifying the need of the job
  • Salary range -
    Mentioning the minimum and maximum pay an ideal candidate would get, if he joins the organization
  • Roles and Responsibilities -
    A detailed list of primary and secondary objectives in their order of importance. Any responsibility which consumes more than 5% of an employee's time has to be accountable.
  • Qualifications and educational requirements -
    Detailing the prerequisites to perform this job along with the skills expected from an individual

Other details such as location, position type, reporting structure, and job family will add great clarity to a job description. In addition, a lot of organizations have moved to adding performance metrics in the job description.

Why do we need a job description? - Positives

Setting clear expectations
A detailed job description setting clear expectations from an ideal candidate beforehand, will decrease a lot of efforts of recruitment team by eliminating the need of explaining the expectations to every interested individual.

Hiring the right person
Well-written job descriptions help attract qualified individuals who are ready to perform the specified duties. The details about the role and responsibilities of the job holder will help the candidate be prepared of the interview process which makes the selection process much easier.

Setting key performance measures and evaluating employee performanceEmployers can use the job description to derive key performance measures (Key result areas & Key Performance Indicators) and also to evaluate the performance of each individual against his/her contribution toward specified duties.

Acts as a legal document
Job description acts as a legal document limiting the legal liability of the employer. A job description stating the physical requirements will act as a legal proof and limits the employee's power to restrain to perform a duty, or complain about it.

Is it all helpful? - Negatives

Becomes outdated quickly
While a job description may be accurate when it is written, it has to be changed as in when an employee need to perform a new type of work or if he is entitled to be responsible for an additional duty. It is a very time-consuming job to keep updating the job descriptions as they have to updated every time a change is made.

Improper job descriptions
Vague and inaccurate job descriptions will attract legal exposure and increase the employee's power to restrain from performing a duty. There have been instances where a poorly written job description acted as an evidence in lawsuits.

Limits Innovation
Job description details the primary responsibilities and performance expectations, which limits his/her motivation to add more value, apart from the specified duties, by being innovative in improving procedures and methods. Employee job descriptions have to be flexible to work outside of the box.

3EA has been a key influencer for many organisations in various sectors across global boundaries to draft the job descriptions of every employee of their organisation in order to ascertain that proper job responsibilities are associated with every employee and the employees feel empowered to take up their duties. This helps in enhanced productivity and improved decision making in the entire organisation which directly helps in gaining financial profits. An organisation in FMCG sector has been greatly benefitted by defining their job descriptions through our experts in human resource advisory team, which in turn increased the employee productivity by 33%.

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Article by: Human Resource Advisory, 3EA