Need For Digital Marketing Strategy

By Marketing Advisory, 3EA
Need For Digital Marketing Strategy

Earlier developing and implementing marketing campaigns only meant running ads on television and radio, and placing print ads in newspapers and magazines. However, with the advancement towards the digital marketplace, businesses now have the opportunity to expand their reach and connect with their target market through digital marketing tactics. Below, are the reasons why brands need digital marketing to attract new customers.

1. Provides direction

Building up of proper strategy helps in running a digital marketing campaign successfully as it provides proper direction and goals to the company. Thus, having a well-defined marketing strategy helps the company in solving queries like who are their target audience and how they want to sell to them.

2. Affordable

It is the cost effective way of marketing than other methods of marketing. As with traditional marketing, it is difficult for small businesses having a limited budget to compete with larger business for ad space but with digital marketing tactics, they can get more for their marketing spend.

3. Customers are going digital

Nowadays, it is important for business of any industry to be present on digital platforms because around 2.34 billion people or about one-third of the earth's population uses social media platform. So if the brand is not engaged with the right marketing strategies they would lose their potential customers.

Social media provides a platform for not only communicating but engaging with their target audience. A study shows that 82% of the consumers use websites and check reviews for search and around 25% of consumers use social media and blogs to find new solutions, products, and brands. Thus, it is vital for companies to be visible in result pages and to engage well with customers.

4. Increases reach of target buyers

Digital marketing provides us with new ways to target an audience. With traditional marketing, we might place a print ad in a magazine that is read by consumers who are most likely to buy our product or service. However, there can be a possibility that the publication does not reach every consumer who is part of your target demographic. Thus, with digital marketing one can reach out to more consumers in the target market with the help of blog content, relevant social media platforms, and search engine marketing.

5. Interactive platform

Digital marketing channel allows companies to provide a more personalized experience through interactive video ads and product recommendations. This provides a great way for brands to get engaged with their target audience. Businesses can use online video to grab the attention of their audience by informing, entertaining, and engaging with their ideal consumers.

For personalization, product recommendations are the best way to encourage repeat sales, cross-sell, and up-sell for current customers. According to a study, 56% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand where they are given personalized shopping experience. Through email and social ads, one can target their current customers and provide personalized recommendations based on their past purchases or browsing behaviour.

6. Improves customer relationship

It helps in building better customer relationship as it provides two-way communication in real time and thus makes it easier for brands to effectively address their consumers' queries and build brand relationships through quality consumer engagement.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow brands to communicate with customers and get engaged with them in a significant and genuine way. When customers have any doubt, they will contact the business on social media for information or resolution. Thus by improving customer service relations, social media also helps in improving overall customer satisfaction rates, which will ultimately lead to repeat sales and customer referrals.

7. Respond to new trends in real time

Digital marketing allows responding to popular trends in real-time. This helps the business in taking advantage of consumer response to current events, trends, topics and technologies. By taking advantage of what's popular at the moment, businesses can increase their visibility online and reach more leads and customers.

With digital marketing, one can respond to the latest trends in real-time by participating in the conversation or delivering targeted content that speaks to the current concerns of the target consumers which in turn help in building brand loyalty and establishing the business as a leader in the industry.

8. Gains a powerful online value proposition

It helps in differentiating from others and encouraging to interact with existing and potential customers. Differentiating the brand helps in boosting the click-through rate, not only for new visitors that they are of worth to the company but especially for the returning visitors. Developing a competitive content marketing strategy is the key for many organizations since the content is what engages the audiences through different channels like search, social, email marketing and on a blog as well.

9. Easier to track and monitor digital campaigns/measurable

It helps brands to see what is working and what isn't when it comes to their marketing tactics. With the information, companies can not only measure accurately their return on investment but can also identify areas of improvement and create more successful campaigns based on the findings.

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Article by: Marketing Advisory, 3EA
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