360° Marketing Communications Strategy

By Prerna Advani, 3rd Eye Advisory Ltd
360° Marketing Communications Strategy

360° Marketing Communications Strategy - Case Study

It is often a dilemma as to how to go about communicating your brand's essence to its audience. What message needs to be communicated, what medium would be most effective, which kind of audience is present over each medium of communication. Hence it is important to have a full plan once you have your positioning defined. These may get further challenging if your audience is niche or you offer B2B services. Our experts at 3rd Eye Advisory prepared one such plan for a B2B Service firm.

For the purpose of this case study we will not go into details of the Brand's positioning. However, whatever the positioning may be, the objective of a 360° Communications Strategy is to stick to your positioning through all mediums. Don't confuse your readers by conveying different messages through different mediums. They will recall you for your key offerings or your USP, so ensure that it is conveyed through all your communications.

Remember to Answer all the below questions while making your 360° Communications Strategy

  • What is the Objective of your communication?
  • Who is the Target Audience?
  • Have you defined your Positioning?
  • What are the facts about your business that need to be conveyed?
  • How will you measure the returns of your communication?

For this particular B2B firm offered services mainly to SMEs and also had objectives of lead generation and expanding their own employee base. So focus was to target SMEs as well as Employer branding.

Below are some mediums which were advised for Communications of such a brand:

  • Video Marketing:
    Using videos to market one's services is one of the marketing trends in 2017. A Video is proven to be more engaging as compared to text with the same information. It is a must have communication in today's date. All services offered which were conveyed on the Brand's website were now being formulated into one video to convey the message in a more engaging manner
  • Content Marketing
    For a services based firm, Content Marketing is a must. The services offered can be measured only when explained or communicated through live examples, customers. Thus Blog creation was advised and content based on past projects, client testimonials, employer testimonials for employer branding, were advised
  • Social Media
    While there is a big question on what social media channels must be used by services based firms, for this particular LinkedIn, Blog, YouTube were a must. Twitter was advised to share daily happenings in the industry and to portray the firm's knowledge on services. Facebook in this case was advised as the audience for the firm was largely SMEs who were present on Facebook communities.
  • Events/Activations
    Being a B2B Services firm, networking it one of the most important aspects to generate leads. Keeping this in mind an event strategy was planned where the audience of SMEs would be interested to attend
  • Co-branding
    Some events organized by Third parties could be Co-branded by the firm. This would establish the firm's brand in other networks where the TG is present. It would also be a chance to appear on other mediums of communications such as TV/Radio etc through that event
  • TV/Radio/ Billboards
    Being a B2B business of trust and network it was not advised to use TV/Radio or Billboards for advertising. These are used to reach the masses, however these can be leveraged through the co-branding medium where the brand's name is announced or present on all these channels as a partner.

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Article by: Prerna Advani, 3rd Eye Advisory®