Marketing Automation

By Marketing Advisory, 3EA
Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a software which help the organization to measure, streamline and automate all the marketing tasks so that they can increase the operational efficiency and revenues. It basically encompasses & automates the marketing actions across all the channels. For example, many departments have to automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media and other website actions. Marketing Automation makes it easier.

It also combines the insight focused capabilities from your CRM, lead generation, web analytics, and other systems to provide you an overall picture rather than providing a standalone picture. SMBs (Small and Mid-Sized Businesses) make up the biggest segment as the customer of the segment now who are using automation. The early adopters were B2B organizations but now-a-days, B2C companies are also adopting the automation to get the real-time analysis approach to maintain & extend customer relationships throughout the customer lifecycle.

Marketing automation is necessary because of the increasing number of the channels marketers are required to manage. In Particular, these process all require:

  1. Central marketing database:
    All the marketing data, customer interactions and behavior etc. are recorded here. You can target the right message to the right customer.
  2. Engagement marketing engine:
    It also helps in creating and automating the marketing processes & conversations across offline and online channels.
  3. Analytics Engine:
    Measure and optimize the ROI and impact on revenue. With the software, you can understand what worked and what didn't.

The term "Marketing automation" has become the new standard, where marketers seek out the software for the marketing automation with a belief that all the digital tools are necessary for growth. This misconception leaves many marketers with sophisticated tools to automate the center of the funnel but no solution to generate new leads.

The result being that the marketers begin buying the email list to nurture rather than generating the leads. It's a quick fix in short run, but in long run it doesn't create a healthy ground for long term relationship with the customer and long-term success is not assured with this approach.

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Article by: Marketing Advisory, 3EA