Management of Statistical Metadata

By Sushmita Rai, 3rd Eye Advisory Ltd
Management of statistical Metadata

Metadata plays a vital role in both the development and use of statistical information. The production of information requires that data and metadata be viewed as a totality rather than individually. Metadata management must be seen as integral part of statistics production.

Metadata are viewed as the part of the wider system where the different metadata typologies are related to one another and connected to quality. Hence, the need to explicitly consider the three metadata categories:

  • Metadata related to data structure and content include all that is necessary to give a definition and meaning to statistical data
  • Process related metadata describe the statistical business process in terms of methods (e.g. sampling, collection methods, editing processes and quality)
  • Business related metadata are useful for the management of an NSI in planning, executing and assessing both statistical and support activities

Theses metadata allow stakeholders to connect data and processes with NSI's strategic objectives (e.g. long term goals) and with the different management plans of each institute (e.g. methodological investments), to assign responsibilities and resources to the objectives; to evaluate the achievement of objectives and to assess performance and efficiency

Metadata is everywhere in every data management activity and integral to all IT systems and applications. Metadata is to data what data is to real life. Data reflects real life transactions, events, objects and relations etc. It unlocks the value of data and therefore requires management attention. For example, outlook metadata is used to navigate and manage emails.

Figure: Mapping between the GSIM information objects and the proposed classification

In summary, the role of metadata is a ubiquitous one. At 3rd Eye Advisory® , the expert's teams will help you to decide the appropriate set of metadata for a specific instance.

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Article by: Sushmita Rai, 3rd Eye Advisory Ltd
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