Leadership Development Programs

By Abhinav Chowdhary, 3EA
Leadership Development Programs

Organizations across the world, irrespective of the size, focuses on developing their competencies in all the functions but fails to recognize the importance of development of the most critical factor in running the business - Leadership. Leadership is the major factor that makes everything in the organization work together seamlessly, towards business goals enhancing productivity and efficiency at all the levels.

Leadership team needs to see every element - Threat, opportunity, problem with clarity, irrespective of their domain and this will be possible only when they are ready for it. The concern here is to pen down the leadership needs or leadership gaps, and a very effective approach to solve this is by aligning them to the core competencies, and business needs of the organization. This should also solve the mystery of what traits your firm values most in its leaders. For example, if the organization is looking at high expansion/growth plans, your leadership development program should be aligned to ensure the business has the right leadership in place to meet those priorities.

A huge and costly mistake a lot of organizations do here is by designing non-impactful and ineffective training programs with classroom training by a successful person, short-term courses by an external vendor, and also sending their leadership to business schools on Executive Development Programs.

Develop, don't train - Leaders aren't born, they are made is a very known statement but did we ever question how are they 'made'? Absolutely not through training. Training is a very limited, problem-based approach which looks after just fill the gaps but as business leaders, you have to be beyond present, facing future a step ahead. Leadership 'Development' is people-oriented, focusing on transformations and education encouraging performance. With Coaching and mentoring as the key orientation, activities such as job enrichment, job rotation and project leadership can be components of effective leadership development programs.

Leadership or Executive Development Programs are most effective when planned over a definitive long-term period. This program should provide the prospective leaders or existing leaders unmatched exposure to different functions in the organization by encouraging employees to stretch their abilities even further by taking on projects which are out of their domain.

Our experts at 3EA have created customised Leadership development programs for the Top Management so that the organizations are able to recognize their leaders at the earliest. There are many organizations who have recognized the impact of this, conduct the leadership prospective scouting at a very early stage aligning to succession planning. Over last few years, we are successful in delivering results through our LDP, transforming top management to business leaders who are fostering trusting and collaborative workplaces.

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Article by: Abhinav Chowdhary, 3EA