Key Trends in B2B Marketing

By Prerna Advani, 3rd Eye Advisory®
Key Trends in B2B Marketing

The audience for B2B marketers is quite different from that of B2C marketers. The expectation of a B2B audience is experience, expertise or knowledge base while the B2C audience is looking for entertainment, offers, etc. The B2B purchase is usually logically and rationally driven and involves a decision making process. While "Content is King" is applicable to both, the kind of content can differ a lot. Inspite of all the differences there is also a grey area which can be applicable to either. Some of the most emerging trends that are being talked about have been observed by our experts at 3rd Eye Advisory® .

Account Based Marketing

The availability of data has made the world of Account Based Marketing (ABM) possible. ABM is the technique to enhance communication with a particular account or client. A universe where "Each customer is different" can now be addressed through ABM. This is true especially in the case of B2B where requirements can vary from client to client and so can the approach in marketing. ABM is the personalized approach to dealing with an important account or a potential client.

Individual as customer

The business or company may be the customer on paper but marketers have now come to realize that ultimately the customer is an Individual. So marketing techniques directed towards the company once are now changing focused towards customer experience of the user. B2B or B2C Customer experience matters!

Advocate Marketing

B2B has always worked well through referrals. The more your existing customers advocate your product or service the more likely are you to attract more customers. Social media engagements, reviews, testimonials, live customer interactions are the way to go. Advocate marketing software platforms exist which help building advocate relationships with clients through such engagements.

Content marketing

Content marketing has seen a rise and is expected to further continue. Detailed content is what works in B2B marketing as the customer needs to see the knowledge and expertise before using the product or service. Content marketing is exactly about displaying this knowledge and plays an extremely significant role. Blogs, social media posts, videos impart knowledge and stimulate interest in the minds of potential customers. They tend to create a mind space for their products and services through this technique.

These trends would surely help B2B marketers face the challenges arising and address the complexities in this space. Marketing is truly a mix of art and science and with all the reasoning for the trends catching on and the required skillset these would further evolve and set new precedence in the field of marketing.

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Article by: Prerna Advani, 3rd Eye Advisory®