Influential Marketing

By Marketing Advisory, 3rd Eye Advisory Ltd
Influential Marketing

Influential marketing has always been there around us. But it has garnered attention lately because of the deep penetration of the Social Media Marketing by helping the small companies to create buzz of their products by the use of the Influencers present on the media. These influencers are the people that can make or break the opinions of the Target audience even before the brand interact with them.

There are several things to get your influencer on board:

  1. Events:
    Nothing comes close to the face-to-face time. Success comes from the relationships, which comes from the event.
  2. Content:
    Take the content first approach with your influencers in the market and then create content about them. Interact with the content they share.
  3. Strategy:
    Always have a influencer strategy as majority of the business intend to partner with the influencer.
  4. Rapport:
    Grow your influencer network long before you need them. Find the common interest with the influencer and develop rapport.
  5. Generosity:
    Be generous in your definition of the word "influencer". Maintain a giving mindset as in this world of social media, everyone is potentially a "who" in who's who scenario.
  6. Selecting Influencers:
    Instead of focusing on the "big shots", go for the next generation leaders.
  7. Research:
    For a good influencer strategy, have a full research on them before reaching out to them. Understand their thought process, their goals and what they care about.
  8. Reciprocity:
    If you want your influencer to be the best advocate, you have to do the same with them.
  9. Trust:
    Lasting influence comes from the trust on the source instead of the number of followers that you have on twitter.
  10. Reach:
    Focus on finding ways to help the influencers to build brand, reach to the new audience. Help them gain access to insights and content for their audience.
  11. Process:
    Add your influencer to your CRM network to manage contacts and outreach activities.
  12. Media:
    Influence is an art and the art is crafting the content that add value to the consumer's life or to their business.
  13. Engagement:
    A simple "Promote my product" request doesn't get you the influencer's influence. Engage the influencers before you need them. Be helpful and promote their stuff also. Mutual trust goes hand in hand.

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Article by: Marketing Advisory, 3rd Eye Advisory Ltd