Importance of Communication in Branding

By Marketing Advisory, 3EA
Importance of Communication in Branding

Branding is a marketing technique that has been successfully used in the commercial sector for years to sell products and services. The brand is an idea or promise made to the consumer to distinguish the products or services. It is expressed in colors, logos, elements, symbols, tag lines, celebrities and advertising styles.

Communication is a simple process of sending and receiving information among people. With the evolution of marketing, concept of marketing communication was introduced to the new advanced marketing world, to strengthen the concept of communication in marketing.

Brand execution consists of components namely - logo (Nike or Adidas), colors (Blue for Pepsi and red for Coca-Cola), fonts (TATA or BMW), pattern based (a Luis Vuitton bags), tag line (I'm lovin' it of McDonalds) etc. Communication is responsible for the complete 'look and feel' - that differentiates a brand in the mind of the audience. With varied sources of Marketing Communication, companies today pedal the cycle of eat-drink-sleep-repeat. This helps them guarantee spreading the reach of their brand and provide extra edge to their company in market.

To make people recall your brand and nature of your work you need to develop a powerful brand strategy which requires fulfillment of three main components:

  1. The brand positioning,
  2. The brand personality and brand execution, and
  3. Implementing the strategy

To ensure all the above stated components are put in right place and at right time you need Expert Advisors of Marketing and Communication. To create a powerful impact of one's brand, it is imperative to have access to mediums like: social media, multimedia, email communication, mobile, website, print media, social sharing, blogs, public relations etc.

Today, digital media marketing communication alone shares a major chunk in the pool of various other mediums of advertising and branding through features like: creative content, digital wallpaper or banner designing, SEO, coding-decoding, and campaign designing for various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube, etc., thus companies need to make a shift and accept new ways and means emerging every moment to facilitate and boost their brands in the world ruled by customers.

The power of communication creates multifold benefits, it helps you win: relationship, value, customer, loyalty and success etc. the list may end but the power multiplies, if strategized thoughtfully and routed towards a constructive path.

There are distinctive brand elements like shape, size, catch phrase or taglines, memorability, relevance, symbols, logo and colors. A strong brand is a clear one. Customer should be able to make out your purpose and business focus from your style of branding. Communication helps you to establish a connection and lets your customer understand 'what you Do?', as it is vital to ensure that your customers are able to set direct relationship with your business and its core values when they recall your brand.

Customers will associate with your brand names only when they are able to recall it, and this job is done by various tools of communication. Communication creates such a magic that customers are willingly compelled to demand your brand, now it is up you, that how earnest is your drive to make sure that the intended magic is created!

Quality product or service is 'the charm' these days and people want quality they can trust. Therefore, you should thrive to create an identity that people can cling to. In today's world of collaboration and co-operation, one grows through referrals or Word of mouth and if you have a great product or service attached to a great brand identity, people will remember you and will become the crucial link for referrals.

At the end of the day you want to build a brand that you love, so get it right from day one, carefully coordinating these basic combinations of communication tools and create the positive brand image your business needs. We at 3EA understand these factors and have helped many brands to grow and establish their concrete identity in this ever-changing competitive market. Let your worth be created! Let your brand stand out from the crowd!

Remember, if you have got a BRAND, the other great brands will get attracted to you, would want to partner with you. These brands will join you in pursuit of encircling your customers to make the success more convenient.

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Article by: Marketing Advisory, 3EA