Implementation of 5S

By Urbi Ghosh, 3EA
Implementation of 5S

5S methodology is an integrated housekeeping technique, deployed by the Japanese, to maintain and manage systematic work-flow at offices. This framework centers around putting everything where it has a place and keeping the work environment clean, which makes it less demanding for individuals to carry out their employments without dawdling or gambling damage.

Implementation of 5S

Seiri/ Sort
Begin by expelling all things from your work territory. Assess the equipment and separate those items that are significant to the accomplishment of the capacity performed at the workstation. Dispose of any copies, pointless gear, rarely utilized things and junk. Distinguish the trivial things as either waste or "profitable however not critical." Store the unnecessary things outside of the workstation zone. This spares time, space and optimizes costs, while upgrading efficiency and productivity.

Seiton/ Set in Order or Store
Whatever tool/ equipment/ item is considered significant to the operation should now be sorted out. Dole out positions for all tools and equipment, ongoing work and raw materials, keeping in mind, the reachability, identification and propinquity to work surface as a main priority. The objective is to augment the proficiency of the workstation layout.

Seiso/ Shine
Ensure that you keep everything clean, each day. Doing this keeps things prepared to be utilized when required. A neat and clean workspace is a profitable workspace, and Seiso actually signifies "to clean or sparkle." Clean the floors, the walls and the gear and guarantee all things are restored to their assigned place. Ensure the workstation is spotless and bright. This ought to be a part of your daily routine.

Seiketsu/ Standardization
Make sure that the work territory doesn't come back to the initial, disorganized, unsystematic condition. Integrate the first three S's in your day to day chores. Actualize them with the assistance of banners, signs, shadow boards, instrument holders, and so forth. Ensure all the employees comprehend their duties and are responsible enough to carry out all of the tasks.

Shitsuke/ Sustain
Make 5S a part of your culture, and integrate it into the corporate values. Practicing these measures is an incessant process. Ensure that they are done every day to counteract slipping into old propensities. Assemble authoritative assurance with the goal that 5S ends up as one of your organizational qualities so everybody develops 5S as a custom, a tradition, a convention. Incorporate the 5S technique into the performance management system.

Advantages of Implementing 5S
Implementation of 5S

The objective of a 5S program is to get products nearer to operations and workforces; labelled, systematized and categorized in order to dispense wasted time and fruitless resources. The 5S model is "a place for everything and everything in its place," and assists in eliminating squandered time, space and stock. Accomplishing 5S raises product quality and enhances work profitability, bringing about optimized costs and higher productivities.

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Article by: Urbi Ghosh, 3EA