IMC in Brand Building

By Vipul Tyagi, 3EA
IMC in Brand Building

With the brands evolving every day, we all have noticed that brand have a found innovative ways to reach their consumers and that communication has become 2 way which focus on building a long term relationship with the customer. Before moving ahead with the topic let us understand the basic definition of IMC.

"IMC is using multiple marketing communications technique in coordination with one another to produce greater results (Synergistic effect) than those techniques which are used individually in isolation and in uncoordinated fashion."

Key considerations in the IMC involves:

a) Consumer Centric - It requires careful study of consumers usage pattern & information needs and the communication media or the contact points is dictated by the consumer's need and behavior.
b) Achieve Synergy - All the communication elements should convey the same, unified message. Else it will confuse the customer.
c) Build Relationships - Successful marketing requires building a relationship between the brand & customer because it is more profitable to build and maintain relationships than to continuously search for new customers.

This is what Cadbury did with the campaign - What flavor do you want.

It aimed at achieving social conversions about nation's (Australia in Sydney) flavor preference and "Unlocking the joy of trying something Different". Cadbury brought a variety of different chocolate flavors to their consumers doorsteps, eliminating the additional travel and purchase effort that could rather be spent indulging in their products.

For IMC part, there were multiple point of contact with the consumer.

Advertisement - Electronic Media and Print Advertisement.
Interactive Marketing - JOY GENRATOR ACTIVATION where participants "like" Cadbury dairy milk on FB adding momentum & followers to their campaign online.
Direct Marketing - People who love chocolates were asked to create their own content on social media, by sharing their Cadbury moments with everyone.
Sales Promotion - These are carried in indoors and outdoors.


PR and publicity - Recipes that use their products, promoting their experiential campaigns that were coming up and through building momentum with their followers with questions that prompt them to answer the question "what flavor do you favor?".

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Article by: Vipul Tyagi, 3EA