Human Resource Management

By Marketing Research Team, 3EA
Human Resource Management

Chiman was working as adriver with the ABC Ltd, at the plantsite, which was 30 kms away from the city office. In his serviceof 3 years with the organization, he has taken a salary in advanceof RS 20000/-, which is being deducted from his salary in installments. Outstanding balance of advance account of Chiman was Rs. 10000/-

One day Chiman went to the Mr. Vijay, personnel officer with an application for advance of Rs 10000/-. This amount was required for the hospitalization of his mother. She had met with an accident while working in the farm. She had an injury, her bone was fractured. Mr. Vijay replied that he will check the records and inform him accordingly. On the next day when Chiman went to Mr. Vijay, he rejected his application stating that there is no scope to deduct additional installment.

After a week's time at 11:30 AM, while Chiman was on duty; the Account manager asked the transport officer for a vehicle to carry cash to the city office. Chiman was assigned this task of carrying Rs. 1 lakh. He started alone in the company's mini bus to go to the city office rang up at the plant and enquired about the cash. Mr. Vijay then took a sumo and travelled by the same route in search of the minibus & Chiman around 2:30 PM. When he reached the city office at 3 PM,he realized that Chiman had disappeared with all the cash. He lodged a complaint against Chiman.

After 15 days, Chiman was caught by the police, at his sister's place along with the cash of Rs. 60000/- only. The remaining cash of 40000/- was missing.

Problem focused

  • Adequacy of Salaries & Wages in the organization.
  • Personnel policies regarding Medical Benefits & Advances.
  • Procedure of cash transactions.
  • Lack of guidance & counseling to the employees.

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Case Study by: Marketing Research Team, 3EA