HRMS Case Study for one of the Leading Manufacturer in Electronics Industry

By IT, 3EA
HRMS Case Study for one of the Leading Manufacturer in Electronics Industry

3EA HRMS Managing the administrative processes require to track and support employees is a huge task in an organization. For Organization having large employee base, it's a cumbersome task for them to manage such a huge data. The HR function has to maintain accurate records on every individual; keep such con dential information secure.

Many Organization legacy systems were unable to cope up with the challenge, as it expanded in the growth markets and transformed itself into a globally integrated enterprise. These systems couldn't scale up, so dealing with new employees joining the rm via acquisitions was a complex and cumber some process.

By 2017, the HR Function of 3EA realized the need of such system that can address the solution for these issues, so it embarked on a major program to transform the existing human capital management with a single, global Human Resource Management System(HRMS) and global processes. To date this new system has been implemented in more than 5 countries and serving more than 500 employees and managers across different clients.

Client Overview-
Client is a World Leader in geotechnical, structural, environmental monitoring and geodetic surveying providing turnkey solutions. With over 50 years of experience across the globe and a presence in over 55 countries supported by over 400 professionals, Company has become an established brand for its high quality products, consistent turnkey services and innovative online solutions.

To cater to fast technological advancements and speci c requirements of individual projects, they have an advanced in-house Research and Development centre recognized by the Govt. of India, that constantly seeks to provide advanced software and monitoring systems.

The Challenge
Earlier this year 2017, Client decided to replace the manually managing the data using paper-based or excel sheets system it used to process human resource and other key functions of payroll management. As error prone and inefficient as this paper-based system was, more serious was the lack of standard human resource practices. Client with over 50 years of experience across the globe and a presence in over 55 countries supported by over 400 professionals, including sites in US, Europe and Middle-East, and it was proving hard to track various human resource policies in different territories.

Client approached 3EA Consulting to devise and implementing a new system that would solve these problems.

The human resource system that 3EA envisaged would be required to perform two main tasks:

1. To collect and process human resource information.
2. To allow both manager and employees access to this information.

"Our ultimate goal is to build a global human resource management system infrastructure in which managers and their employees can use the human resource system, along with the third-party service providers, external users, vendors and clients of the company, to process human-related data".

To provide a consistent base of human resource information worldwide, 3EA recommended the use of Customised developed Human Resource Management System version 1.0 as the software standard for processing the employee data. During the 4-month duration of the project, 3EA also acted as advisor in the confi guration of the system, establishing a base of operations within Client to handle employee training and collect information from in-house team of Human Resource department and vendors.

The use of single method of processing data brought Client one step closer to standardizing human resource transactions. Now, employee data from any international territory could be processed and stored in the same way. The new system also allowed Client to centralize all its human resource data in single facility.

It is an internet based system, has been devised within two main functions in mind. On one hand employees were able to access their own personal data using the web browser. On the other, managers were able to check and approve the status of personnel transactions such as change in employee information, salary etc. Additionally, it was designed to link other types of activities including Appraisals, Recruitments, Company Policies, Documents, Leave Management and other important reports generation using HR Analytics.

As standardisation of human policy was such a key area of concern, HRMS 1.0 was designed to check data automatically, ensuring common format was established, reducing the need for formal data validation.

Crucially, adopting an internet based application such as HRMS allowed Client to establish an Inter- national Human Resource policy, de fining set practices in areas such as salary adjustments, departmental changes, job roles creation, processing new employees and changes in status of current employees. Any changes in human resource policy could now be implemented simultaneously in all territories.

Within implementation of HRMS and usage across all sites of the Client, productivity of work in HR has bounced to two fold. Client is expected to save approximately INR 2L or more a year by reducing the amount of time required for basic administrative tasks in human resource departments.

"The was HRMS has changed the way we interact with our managers or employees means that we have 100 percent faith in being able to deliver the information in more accurate manner. It creates a lot of pride in the human resource organisation and energy around promoting this system, it already added value to our life." - Client Manager, Human Resource Department.

The Client Human Resource team relied on manually managing the excel sheets to collaborate and stay organized on all of their projects and for Payroll they relied on a desktop based solution However, the system was only accessible from desktops and laptops. Since team members were frequently on the go and working offsite, project tasks wouldn't be updated, resulting in miscommunication and items to be overlooked.

The Human Resource team need came to light after the consultant team of 3EA surveyed employees and managers of company to determine which activities would benefi t creation of HRMS across the different departments. Actual challenge was to collect and analyse the data across the different dimensions and from different departments and display the data in the structured and decorated form to the users of the HRMS either it's a CEO, Manager or Employee.

3EA Solution
Technical Consultant team of 3EA collectively came to a novel solution of HRMS System for the Client, HRMS contains several modules which addresses the problems faced by the organization earlier.

HRMS Solution is a Human Resource Management Software, ideally providing Employee Management,Appraisal, Talent Acquisition, Leave Management, Background Check, Announcements, Analytics and logs. It enables the Administrators to confi gure the standards used in the organization such as currency codes, date formats, ethnic codes, etc. This application also meets the employee's everyday needs like Leave Management, Service Requests etc. It tracks existing employee data which includes personal history, skills, capabilities and accomplishments.

In Collaborating with the HRMS from 3EA, Client Team will be able to successfully manage all the information of their employees, Resources, Projects, Clients, Vendors, Assets and Leave Management as well.

HRMS Solution built so far was evaluated by Client HR Team and their respective departments rigorously. The Modules that has been implemented are:

Customised Dashboards:
Dashboard allows you to create Shortcuts and Widgets as per your needs. You can have all the menus that are used regularly at one place. The easy to access Shortcuts and Widgets present in the dashboard will take you directly to your desired page hence avoiding tiresome menu redirections. You can also display your company announcements and employee's birthdays and anniversaries on the dashboard.

Enables Self-Service for employees:
Self-Service enables you to raise and handle leave requests. You can access your personal information, documents, salary details and payslips and leave details. You can also check your team details here.

Enables Service Request:
Service Request delivers an easy to use IT Portal with access to key services and information which are required by the employees. Con figure the service request workflow and raise and handle service requests with ease.

HR Functions:
HR (Human Resource) deals with the user, leave and holiday management con figuration. It stores the employee data which includes personal history, skills, documents, education, visa and immigration and salary details of employee.

Appraisal Procedures:
Appraisals let you confi gure appraisal settings like parameters, skills, ratings and questions. You can provide a self-appraisal and appraise your employees. Users can also give feedback about their managers using Feed Forward Feature.

Recruitment Cycle Procedures:
Recruitments helps you to monitor and maintain processes like initializing a requisition, managing the CVs, scheduling interviews, shortlisting and selecting a candidate.

Background Checks:
Background Check module enables the pre and post-employment screening process. You can con figure the screening types and manage the agencies you wish to work with.

Organization Information:
Manage your Organization's details, announcements, business units, departments and organization hierarchy here.

HR Analytics:
Analytics uses descriptive techniques to represent your organization's data and allows you to generate custom reports and then export them to Excel or PDF.

Site Confi guration:
Site Con figuration allows you to con figures the standard used in your organization such as locations, currency codes, date formats, ethnic codes etc.

Expense Management:
Expenses or Employee Reimbursements helps you to get more visibility and manage employees expenses efficiently. You can track the employee expenses, store receipts, manage multiple expenses at once, have provision for various payment modes and do so much more.

Conclusion and Future Scope
The ease with which the 3EA IT Team has created and deployed the product within such a short time span caught the attention of company's IT Service Management Team, which has requested additional full Payroll Module for the Client, Other scope of integration of HRMS Solution to external CRM or other Portals.

3EA HRMS has been successfully implemented at Client. This has helped to centralise all the employee related data planning and monitoring towards at each HR Administrator. They are better informed to take decision to control the Appraisal procedure or performance management, Recruitment procedure or other manually email approvals etc. This has helped in employees' motivation, satisfaction which in turn helped organization to improve the productivity of work.

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Case Study by: IT, 3EA