How Research Becomes Necessary For Making The Investments Of Business

By Marketing Advisory, 3EA
How Research Becomes Necessary For Making The Investments Of Business

It is important to know the wants and needs of the market before investing into the business.

No point in starting the business if there is no market demand of your product or service.

The idea to benefit the society through research revolves around business. The startup of any business should be based on primary research for long term sustainability. One would never book a vacation without researching various locations and hotels. One wouldn't buy a car without weighing up the options.

It is very difficult for startup companies to get through, particularly when poor or almost no market research has been done. In situations where businesses don't know who their target audience is, they would not get complete return on their investments.

Improve your branding

Many organizations don't have a proper understanding of their brand. They ask themselves: How do clients see us?

One can use statistical surveying technique or market research to evaluate the brand performance by investigating:

1. Brand awareness - Are clients aware and comfortable with your brand?
2. Competition - how do clients see your organization contrasted with the competitors?
3. Personification - what attributes and qualities do clients connect with your brand?

You can likewise overview customers to get feedback on marketing content, for example - logos, pamphlets, sites, and so forth. Brand awareness can be done by obtaining feedback from the target audience so as to understand the positive and negative points of the product/service which in turn enables formulation of a brand positioning strategy.

Understand your customers better

Business people require better data on the measure of their market, their objective clients and how best to approach them. For example, if we survey customers for a client selling kitchen items and need information on potential market, here are some things we need to know about our customer -

. How old would they say they are?
. Are they male or female?
. What are their marital status?
. Do they have kids?
. Where do they live?
. What are their level of training?

This type of consumer study helps understand the profile of target customers so that proper brand positioning can be done thereby resulting in improved efficiency and greater overall performance of marketing campaigns.

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing

Conversion Rate: conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to a site who complete a conversion out of the total number of visitors. A high conversion rate indicates successful marketing and web design: It means people like the offering and they are easily able to access it.
Sales Revenue: One need to analyze the performance time to time in order to find relation between marketing efforts and revenue generation and compare results with the competitors.
Cost per lead, cost per opportunity: In order to calculate market effectiveness it is important to calculate how much each lead and customer is costing in terms of advertising budget. How much is the expenditure on customer acquisition through inbound marketing as compared to outbound marketing?
Brand awareness: It gives better understanding of how well target audience know their brand. The goals of Brand awareness might be in general to -
1. Increase brand recognition
2. Increase web traffic
3. Uplift brand negotiation


Identify new opportunities

Statistical surveying can enable to distinguish new market openings that may be accessible to an organization. It can help recognize geographic locations for development as well as test the market's availability for new items or administrations.
For instance, if a seller wants to open a retail store, he need to decide its location. Now this choice of the location will influence the customer base.
Getting this sort of information is an essential step to analyze the business methodology and activities.

Get insights into product features

Research would help recognize the performance of a product or service in the market by analyzing the online reviews or customer feedback service.

While designing new products, gather consumer feedback is gathered on the concept as well as the prototype. Data on consumer reaction to the product and its features, including its look, design, usability, colors, packaging and other variables is also collected.

It is important to conduct both primary and secondary market research for business idea to fully understand the feasibility of the project as well as to gather key target market information.

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Article by: Marketing Advisory, 3EA