How 3EA helped Data Recovery Services

By Vipul Tyagi, 3EA
How 3EA helped Data Recovery Services

Business Problem

The client approached 3EA to setup a new business in two areas namely Data Recovery and Web App security testing in the Lucknow region. For these two businesses, the client wanted to understand how the business works and what cost he will incur for setting up the business as well as the marketing activities and what will be the source for revenues along with the breakeven projections.

There are 2 services in which the client wished to operate:
a. Data Recovery Services
b. Web App Security Testing

How 3EA helped?
After understanding the requirements from the client, we undertook a secondary survey of how the market works and how the competitors (at a bigger level) are operating. We found out that competitors are mostly marketing through the digital media comprising of social media and SEO/SEM.

The width of the services to be provided by the client were:
1. Data Recovery for Windows
2. Data Recovery for Android
3. Data Recovery for MacBook
4. Data Recovery for iOS
5. Email Recovery

Multiple marketing strategies were suggested by 3EA like:
a. Video contents generated by the business
b. Influencer marketing
c. Existing customer remarketing

For the recovery business, we suggested that organization needs to create its point of differentiation (POD) on "no recovery, no fees". This no recovery no fees motto will help carve a positioning in the minds of the customer and will instill the confidence among the consumers for the brand and their genuineness. The POD will help in bringing the new business.

To setup the business, we informed the clients about incentives being offered by the UP Government for IT/ITES companies. We also helped them with their marketing collaterals about the logos, letter heads and the visiting cards for branding purpose and even explained the usage of the color schemes used in the logos. The research also included the competitor analysis along with the USPs they have to offer.

We also conducted a primary research in the market where the client wanted to setup the business. Through primary research, we were able to identify the market size and estimate a demand for the business in the particular region.

This helped us understand the cash flows of the business and the pricing strategy of the business. With the estimation of cash flows, we were able to determine the breakeven of the business for the different services the client was going to provide to the customer.

This case is solely written for the purpose of the company's understanding. The Author doesn't intend to illustrate either effective or ineffective handing of the managerial situation. The Authors may have disguised certain names and identifying information to protect confidentiality. 3EA Audited the brand for its 2 businesses and recommended its marketing strategy for the future.

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Article by: Vipul Tyagi, 3EA