Happiness Index at Workplace

By Lalhrietsung Sanate, 3EA
Happiness Index at Workplace

Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company.
- Brian Kristofek

Who does not want a happy workplace? Increasing Happiness index is a pre cursor to productive workers. Nowadays, Workplace Happiness Index has become a valuable tool to help job seekers make informed career decisions.

There are various factors which are perceived to be contributing to Happiness at Workplace. All these factors can be classified into four groups:

a) Satisfaction: It captures the basic hygiene of work, the need and expectation of employees which includes salary, job stability, fairness, work-life balance.

b) Alignment: This element mainly captures the work culture of the organization. It checks the trust and support employees receive from their supervisors, the cultural openness, the teamwork, etc.

c) Engagement: This element measures how much an employee loves his/her work. It checks if the employee is receiving autonomy with his/her work, the learning opportunities, performance evaluation and feedback, etc.

d) Well-being: This element measures the psychological aspect of the employees, their strengths and alignment with their job. It looks into the resilience, significance of their role, optimism, etc.

The Global Workforce Happiness Index uses the following factors for scoring:
1. Employee satisfaction
2. An employee's willingness to recommend a current employer
3. An employee's likelihood to switch jobs in the near future (2-4 years)

There are various surveys which measure the happiness index such as World Happiness Report, the Happy Planet Index and the OECD Better Life Index, however there are no surveys which measure specific context of workplace. But, there are some surveys which assess the job satisfaction of employees. The main job satisfaction measurements are: The Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS), The Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire (MSQ) and the Job Descriptive Index (JDI).

the-happiness-index.com have laid down nine tips to build a happy and productive workforce for workplace engagement to increase happiness index at workplace:

1) Create a welcoming environment
2) Empower people to improve company culture
3) Provide flexibility for work-life balance
4) Demonstrate transparency
5) Communicate regularly
6) Provide opportunities for growth
7) Focus on social investments
8) Motivate people to leave their comfort zones
9) Encourage time-off

Let us increase the happiness index at workplace.

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Article by: Lalhrietsung Sanate, 3EA