Gamification- the new powerful tool for Human Resource Management

By Garima Saxena, 3rd Eye Advisory Ltd
Gamification- the new powerful tool for Human Resource Management

What can gamification do for processes in Human Resource Management, is a daunting question for every organisation these days. It is no longer a myth that gamification of Human Resource Management as a function has significantly helped the employees to create an environment in which the employees feel recognized and rewarded for their achievements, even beyond compensation and benefits. The employees are linked with the business goals and the achievements are expanded beyond points, badges and leader boards. So what is Gamification? Gamification is the usage of game-thinking and game mechanics in non-game scenarios such as business environment and processes, specifically in recruitment, training and development, and motivation; in order to engage users and solve problems, as defined by Gartner Group.

According to the author of Gamification of Learning & Instruction, Karl Kapp, the key to gamification is how addictive it can become across all generations of people and believes that out of the different advantages gamification has, the prime advantage is that it encourages employees to be engaged with the gamification activity thus developing stronger network in the organisation. A number of organizations are using gamification for talent management, workforce efficiency, training and development and tap into new talent pools through different mechanisms like goal setting, neck to neck competition, real-time feedback and rewards.

According to a Gallup research released in April 2012, less than one in 10 employees are 'engaged' in their jobs. The remaining are 'not engaged' (60 %) or are 'actively disengaged' (32 %) - the most harmful form of disengagement. The objective of gamification in human resource management is to develop mechanisms from game design and implement them in non-game contexts in order to make the employees more engaged.

The immense power of gamification can also be derived from the fact that many organisations have started to develop mechanisms through which the rewards and incentives are built using gamification and is linked with employee performance management and employee engagement. This has helped the companies to not only track employees' progress towards individual goals but also receive tangible or public recognition of their achievements. These badges of motivation can often be shared on internal and social networks for further visibility and motivation.

Our experts from Human Resource Advisory have helped many companies to deploy gamification mechanisms in their Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development and Employee Engagement policies. We developed gamification mechanism for recruitment at an organisation in hospitality sector to optimise human resource costs and time required for recruitment and acclimatize prospective employees with the organization, the company culture and the hospitality industry. This helped the organisation to reduce the time required for induction of employees by 50% and in turn employees were acclimatized with the organisation.

For another organisation in the manufacturing sector, who were looking for leadership training, we developed an online module using the concepts of real time gamification processing. This allowed the organisation to have the creation of real-life environments with built-in networking features, enabling the development of Online Role Playing Games. The end result of the training was development of better collaboration, leadership and team player competencies as the employees were subjected to real-world industrial training and simulation.

Our experts have also assisted in designing a gaming based wellness program for the employees of an organisation in IT sector which will help the employees to keep a check on their healthy by choosing and developing plans to foster wellness. This information is shared through an online assistant on regular intervals with the employees in order to promote employee wellness.

In a nutshell, gamification in human resource management has been a real game-changer and has become an important component of a company's overall Human Resource strategy. The Gartner research indicated that by 2015, 50% of organizations that dealt with innovation processes have gamified their processes. The market for gamification is expected to grow significantly in the next coming years. What is your company doing to incorporate gaming techniques into your workplace?

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Article by: Garima Saxena, 3rd Eye Advisory Ltd