Evaluation of HR efficiency through people-based business intelligence - A Case Study on INFOSYS

By Garima Saxena, 3EA
Evaluation of HR efficiency through people-based business intelligence - A Case Study on INFOSYS

"Renew the core business, innovate into new businesses"

The focus of Infosys is to stay ahead and leverage the opportunities that are arising from changes around them by pursuing a dual Renew-New strategy - renewing the business to contend better in existing markets while embracing new capabilities to contend strongly in future ones. The CEO, Mr. Vishal Sikka said in his letter to stakeholders: It is with this new reality in mind that they embraced three simple ideas in the strategy: renew ourselves and help the clients renew their businesses; drive innovation and new opportunities in the business and with the clients; and do all of this based on a culture of education and collaboration. Indeed, when they think about it, this blueprint applies to all businesses.

Renew is about being better. Better than they have been. Automation and Business Intelligence is a key part of this. It is how they improve solutions to the known, well-defined problems and improve the businesses they are already in. The repetitive tasks done by the human resource can be automated by bringing artificial intelligence to the existing services and existing customer landscapes, so that they fundamentally transform cost and productivity through effective business intelligence mechanisms.

New is about being different. This is the breakthrough innovation. It is about finding problems that they don't easily have words to describe, that no one has defined. It is about leveraging automation to digitize the physical world, and using Design Thinking to focus on the empathy, the problem-finding, which uncovers new markets for them and their clients.

Value System - C-LIFE

1-Customer Delight: To surpass customer expectations consistently
2-Leadership by Example: To set standards & be an exemplar for the industry & ourselves
3-Integrity and Transparency: To be ethical, sincere and open in all the transactions
4-Fairness: To be objective and transaction-oriented, and thereby earn trust and respect
5-Pursuit of Excellence: To strive relentlessly, constantly improve ourselves, the teams, the services and products to become the best

People and Values-Understanding people based business intelligence

The biggest challenge for a knowledge based company like Infosys is to recruit, enable, empower, and retain the best talent. In addition to looking for strong technology skills, Infosys hires people that it believes have the capacity to continue learning. The founders have experienced the necessity of constant learning as their own roles morphed from software programmers to managers of a global service empire. Mr. Murthy defined learnability as the ability to extract generic inferences from specific instances and use them in new, unstructured situations. Infosys employees have to constantly learn new expertise in order to adapt to the rapidly changing technology landscape.


Usage of business intelligence for Competitive Advantage

Infosys believes that the company's strengths give them the competitive advantage to position themselves as the leading global solutions and services company.

Consulting and domain expertise: The specific industry, domain, process, and technology expertise of employees allows Infosys to enable clients to transform their businesses with innovative strategies and solutions. The Group expertise helps the clients enhance their performance, gain process and IT efficiencies, increase agility and flexibility, reduce costs, and achieve measurable business value.

Breadth of offerings: The suite of comprehensive end-to-end business solutions includes business and technology consulting, enterprise solutions, systems integration, custom application development, application maintenance and production support, infrastructure management, independent testing and validation, cloud ecosystem integration, product engineering and lifecycle solutions, business, process management, software products, and business platforms and solutions.

Intellectual property in platforms and products: The employees use products, platforms and solutions that are geared to sense, influence, fulfill and serve the needs of digital consumers as well as leverage the potential of their business ecosystems.

Experience and expertise in large-scale outsourcing: The Group has developed processes and frameworks for large-scale outsourcing of technology projects that minimize financial and business risk to the clients. The Global Delivery Model divides projects into components that can be executed simultaneously at client sites and at their development centers in India and around the world.

Deep client relationships and brand: The Group has long-standing relationships with large corporations and other organizations. The track record in delivering high-quality solutions across the entire software lifecycle and the strong domain expertise help us solidify these relationships and gain increased business from existing clients.

Quality and process execution: The sophisticated processes, standards and quality frameworks allow us to continuously optimize service delivery of various engagements on key performance indicators like business value, productivity, quality and cycle-time.

High-quality talent: The Group has a strong ecosystem for employee attraction, career development, engagement and retention through a trusted partnership with their stakeholders. They have a culture of performance and innovation in an open and collaborative environment.

And the Culture is all about education. It is staying true to who they are. It is the idea of improving, where they constantly build upon what they already know. Education is how they drive the strategy - it helps us learn new techniques to automate the things they understand, and it gives us the mindset to discover the things that they do not yet know. This bedrock of the culture, this learnability - as Mr. Murthy always said, to me, and to all of us-an ability to learn, is as true and critical for the future as it has ever been.

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Article by: Garima Saxena, 3EA