Top 4 Emerging Recruitment Trends for 2017 and 2018

By Human Resource Advisory, 3EA
Top 4 Emerging Recruitment Trends for 2017 and 2018

Our human resource experts from 3rd Eye Advisory have identified the top 4 emerging recruitment trends for the year 2018 in order to improve the organizational capabilities and attract the best talent for the organization

  1. Quality of Hire
    Acquiring talent in today's world is nothing less than a strategic planning as done by the other vital functions of the organization in getting an overall growth of the company. The quality of hire represents the efficiency of the recruiter. It is, thus, important for the new hire to bring with them the quality performance; conformance to the corporate culture which will help in employee engagement and retention for increased job satisfaction.
  2. Impact of Social Technology
    As per current trend, more than 90% of the recruiters use LinkedIn to recruit new candidates and more than 70% of candidates use social media to find new jobs, over 75% of companies use social media for recruitment. The change of the face of the workforce in India is drastically changing wherein need of multitasking employees is the need of the hour. More and more recruiters are going ahead with artificial intelligence mechanisms wherein chat bots assist recruiters in primary screening and preliminary interviews of the candidates.
  3. Momentum of hiring
    Hiring with a fast pace is highly important in today's world, as job-seekers are highly mobile and they continuously look for new opportunities. They do not sit back and relax for a company's decision and it is really important for the recruiters to cut down the time spent on identifying the right candidates for the right options. The use of talent analytics comes into high relevance wherein data mining processes are helping hiring managers for their decision-making process by identification of recruitment data points.
  4. Employee wellbeing
    Employees look towards the perks over and above their basic package. With new trends, more than 50% of the companies are in transition to provide flexible working hours, more than 45% of the companies are enabling employees to work from home, and more than 40% of the companies are promoting their policies on wellness. Recruiters should understand the candidate's expectations by framing a recruitment checklist which includes a checklist of employee expectations too rather than considering only employer expectations.

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Article by:Human Resource Advisory, 3rd Eye Advisory