How to develop an effective competency mapping structure for your organisation

By Rohit Srivastava, 3EA
How to develop an effective competency mapping structure for your organisation

When organizations adapt the structure of competency mapping, they develop the efficiency of the process in a diversified way; it lays the foundation for multiple HR practices like Acquiring Talent, Managing Talent as well as Training & Developing Talent.

Few important tips that develop an effective competency mapping structure :

Conduct job analysis:
HR must do job analysis so as to identify and determine duties and requirements of a particular job, identification of the required skills would further assist in recognising what competencies would be required for that role.

Review job descriptions:
HR must have the basic processes in place before they start the designing of the competency framework, like all the roles and responsibilities have to be clearly defined and documented in the form of signed off job descriptions.

Define competencies:
Basis the requirement, HR must identify what kind of behavioural, functional or technical competencies would be required for the role.

Design competency framework:
Competency mapping framework has to be prepared keeping in mind the vision and mission of the organization, for the same top management has to be involved into the activity.

Define technical competencies:
While creating technical competencies, the line managers should understand and depict the technical expertise required by their employees.

Define functional competencies:
While creating the functional competencies, senior level managers especially the functional heads must be involved into the activity for their line of business.

Define behavioural competencies:
To achieve a common behaviour amongst employees, a common competency structure should be created for behavioural competency for the entire organization. This way all the employees would know their approach of behaviour.

Competencies for external workforce:
If the work requires external people involvement, then organizations should also design a framework on competency structure of external workforce as well.

Need for consultants:
There must be an involvement of external trade experts while concluding the competencies so as to ensure that future requirements are taken into consideration also value addition can be done

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Article by: Rohit Srivastava, 3EA